NUFORC UFO Sighting 164161

Occurred: 2000-07-10 22:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2021-07-25 15:18 Pacific
Duration: 2min
No of observers: 1

Location: Waynesboro, VA, USA

Shape: Disk
Characteristics: Lights on object, Landed, Animals reacted

When I was 17, I came home from work around 10pm on a warm summer night in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia by the Blue Ridge Mountains. All of the lights were off in the house and nobody else was home. My house sat at the edge of a massive empty field that once was a location of the towns Drive-In Theater.

I did what I normally did, which was to go straight to my basement where I watched movies and played games. My cat, follows me down the dark stairway. I turn on the corner lamp next to the bar, by the back door. What happened next, I'll never forget… The memory is clear as water in my mind.

The cat wanders over to the shades, and I can see her staring contently through the glass and flipping her tail in that irritated manner, grumbling at something in the dark.I went to the sliding glass doors, unlocked and slid it open by half.

As she went out to the porch, I turned on the porch light. I stuck my neck out the doorway to take a glance around the yard, and immediately notice a ring of lights gleaming beyond the threshold, in the back right corner of my yard and the field beyond. Partially obscured by a single tree. I thought, maybe a flatbed truck back there?? That's all it could possibly be! Very quickly, this craft reacts to my sudden presence and began it's instant departure.

I believe it took notion to leave when my lights came on, but instead of driving off down through the grass, it lifted up into the air. I remember gazing I'm awe. It was silent, minus the low level hum it emitted. At this point, I'm nearly shitting my pants, and remember being worried about my cat outside. I jump behind the wall and unplug the lamp, so I couldn't be seen watching what it (the vessel) was doing. As I lean back to the doorway, I slide it shut. I'm nervous. Now, the UFO started to lift over my neighbors house, and this was when I could affectively step out and judge it's size.

It was similar in size to their middle class style 3BR. It never sped off, but slowly hovered over their roof and down the road out of my view. It's gone. At this point, I'm freaked out, thinking... "They dropped one of em off". So I run inside, lock the doors, lights off. I literally hid in the corner behind the bar for about 20min.

I started thinking about alien sightings from the 50s and 60s and assuming this would be a typical visiting spot, given it's history as a Drive-in. If I was an alien or a spy.. and wanted to observe humans, I'd have taken advantage of such sights that a theater would provide and kept the coordinates on file. If the lights were off, the vessel could be hidden from view due to its highly reflective sheen of chrome, and sleek design.

This particular vessel, looked highly similar to the disk types, that we originally saw on television and such. I thought it would have been much bigger, as it seemed only large enough to fly one or two bodies somewhere in the center of the craft. It could have been a remote vehicle, with no pilot, as well. However, many others have reported that these smaller ones drop out of larger ones, which is likely.

There were several hues of dim pulsating marker lights around the outer rim. These lights, btw, seemed a little outdated for an alien craft. For a moment, I thought this was a government drone because of that single detail. This rim is also part of the vessel that spins as it lifts off. It seemed to be traveling from vacuum rather than propulsion. I couldn't be sure, only speculation.

Did I believe in aliens back then? Well, im not sure. It was Y2K. I kicked around on an Alien Workshop skateboard in my teens, drew their logo on paper a few times... but that's about the jest of my interest. I grew up watching X-files, but the production gave the subject matter a step into straight fiction. But I do remember trying to justify that I just saw a real UFO, and without a doubt... just 30-40yrds away from view.

Wasn't much longer, when the family was also arriving home. I tried emailing places I found on the internet a few times since (to tell my story) - with no response or further interest… not that I had much else to report on the matter. I never told my friends or family from fear of ridicule, as it was all deemed "taboo" to that generation.

Now, I'm pretty open about it, and people actually believe my account of the event. I'm pretty sure there aren't many "landing sightings", on record. So I thought I'd share mine.

Posted 2021-08-16

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