NUFORC Sighting 164141

Occurred: 2021-07-23 05:30 Local
Reported: 2021-07-23 10:12 Pacific
Duration: 1 mile

Location: Denver, CO, USA

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Left a trail

Grasses laid down in weird patterns for over a mile

5:30 am 07.23.2021 Walked to Robert H McWilliams Park in Denver and noticed grass “LAID DOWN” in weird patterns along E. Harvard Gulch Trail. Like you would see in crop circles. The grass was laid down in different angles and patterns and followed E. Harvard Gulch for almost a mile all the way to Sr. DeBoer Park and doesn’t disappear until the Gulch turns to concrete and there was no more grass to lay down. This is not the first time the grass has been altered like this. But this is the longest run of it I have seen. Some areas the grass on both sides is laid down while the stuff in the middle of the gulch was still standing. In some areas the grass on both sides was standing and what was in the middle of the gulch was laid down. There are large areas of 15x20 feet where all the grass was laid down. These laid down grasses seemed to happen on both sides of some of the bridges where it appears what ever did this went under the bridge. It looks like a pattern! made by an airboat when it is running on high grass in water. But NO airboat I have ever been on could have done some of what was laid out here. No airboat could fit under these bridges- several of which have barriers every 4-5 feet across - to stop large debris from getting swept through. Some areas the pattern jumped up and was like 2 feet high in the air just barely bending some of the bigger plants over. This looks like “crop circle” type stuff. But it is lines and energies drawn into the plants for over almost a whole mile. I have tons of pictures and videos. After about two hours of documenting, it I got overwhelmed with the energy it was putting off and was so dizzy I had to first sit down and then lay down in the grass of someone’s yard. But I am an energy sensitive. It may not have affected someone else as strongly. I don’t know if anyone documents these things here in America. But it seems those visiting are leaving us lots of clues and not all of them are in th! e skies. I would love an “official” UFO researcher person to c! ome docu ment this event. I don’t know what technology has been created but there has to be something that can read the energy signatures that have been left here.

Posted 2021-08-16

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