NUFORC UFO Sighting 162266

Occurred: 2021-03-01 19:25 Local
Reported: 2021-03-06 13:46 Pacific
Duration: 2-3 minutes
No of observers: 6

Location: Klamath Falls, OR, USA

Shape: Triangle
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aircraft nearby


On 1 March 2021, that evening this investigator was on Facebook... looking at the Klamath Falls Scanner and News site, I noticed allot of chatter concerning a strange object seen over the city. After reading several statements made, I remembered that earlier in the day while in Klamath Falls I did see a very large military cargo aircraft in a holding pattern looking to land at Kingley Field. That was about between 1 and 2 pm.

While going through the Facebook page, I reached out to a couple of individuals to contact me on what they saw. Within minutes I was contacted by MB, her initial statement is below.

Emailed statement from witness; Hi, As requested, here's the info in the UFO I saw tonight.

Date 3/1/2021 Time: 19:25 Description: a solid triangular shaped craft, with lights on each corner. Completely silent.

Direction, SW.

I live on Altamont and it was near Washburn.

Hope this helps, More detailed information emailed on sighting from witness MB; "Let me start by saying that I grew up on an AF base, so I know the difference between a jet and what I saw.

3 whiteish non blinking lights, and the object was dead silent. It was between 800 and 1000 feet and flew straight over me and my husband. Estimated size, half a football field. And it was way bigger than my thumb I live on Altamont and it wad heading towards Washburn and then off towards Stewart Lennox.

Please reach out if I can help more. And let me know what you find out." Thanks! Statements and conversation posted on Klamath Scanner and News via Facebook of the above incident, initials are used for each of the witness statements to protect their privacy; M B "I saw something weird, and right after that the jet's started taking off." L L "There was a couple different jets around yesterday it looked like a b1 was one." T S "M B Well, the U2 was flying above our airspace today. Not uncommon for it to fly through here occasionally." (Investigator note... It's obvious here there is a confusion between a B-1 bomber and a U-2 Recon aircraft.) H H "B G I did! I was on the south end of Homedale heading out to pick Alex up from Henley." M B T S definitely not that. But that's a cool bit of info.

M B "H H im wondering if there was more than one. The one we saw was heading toward Stuart Lennox." C B "M B it deff wasn't that. This literally made no noise and was way to low to be a U2." H H M B possibly, this was between 8 and 8:15 M B "C B I'm not going to be surprised if we start seeing more!" C J "M B I saw it too!" B G "H H tell me EVERYTHING what did it look like!" H H "B G it was super low and seemed super smooth, I saw some red lights, at first I thought it was a jet taking off but there was no noise, then I thought maybe a drone!?! I really didn’t think much of it other than I had never seen anything like it!" M B "B G a triangle shaped craft with lights on the corners." T S "M B The B2 bomber is triangular shaped. There's only 21 of those, extremely rare to see, but there is 3 of them stationed south of China, plus they are based out of Whiteman AFB (Missouri). I remember seeing one a couple times when we lived…" S K "E K more than just C and I saw this weird thing lol." M B "T S I've seen one before. It was definitely not that. I'm a military plane aficionado." T S "M B There's plenty of 'experimental' aircraft in the Nevada desert testing grounds! We aren't that far away!" T J "M M I don't think I've ever seen any others, I mean it's completely possible this wasn't a UFO but it was so fast & shot straight up that IDK what else it would've been.!" C B "N H we were driving and when we turned around to snap a pic of it we couldn't see it anymore!" M M "It looked like a big drone to me I saw exactly what you were talking about." C B "MM at first my mind went to plane, as I looked at it, it wasn't a plane. It did'nt have the blinky lights like a drone does. The lights pulsated different." M M "C B ya but I got a good look and it looks like a really big drone so I’m not exactly sure what it was but that’s what it looked like." C B "M M could very well be. We did see it driving so it was kind of obscured. Had to be pretty big for a drone though." M M "C B that’s what I was thinking too." C B "M M I did a tour in Afghanistan and I'll tell you it didn't look like or sound like any aircraft I've ever seen before!" M B "If that was a drone, it was freaking huge!" M M "C B that’s what I said to never seen anything like it!" H L "C B ... I have a video of one we saw sounded like that.. it was like nothing I've ever seen. But had a pulsating light too. But when I saw it was in roundlake where we live." H L "RG W I got pics and vids to blow your mind... come out here where I live. They are all over out here now. And I've been here in roundlake 20 years ...never seen this... it's just been the last year I can't go anywhere without seeing them!" (Note; RG W is this investigator) T S H I’ve seen this before. It’s a V-22 Osprey with active sound cancelation. It’s like the Bose sound canceling headphones put on the outside of a jet tilt rotor aircraft. I’ve seen it silhouetted against the night sky and being escorted once by a … (Investigators note; I did ask the Public Affairs officer if they get Osprey aircraft once in a while at Kingsley, she stated yes they do.) J M "M B how big would you say it was?" (Investigators note; Many confirm that the size of this object was over a half a football field long.) C B D G after burners have sound my dude. This made ZERO noise at all. And if a jet had afterburner on the said jet would really be moving pretty quickly. This seemed like it was hovering! M B "J M half a football field, at least!" The following agencies were contacted on the sighting; Klamath County Sheriffs Office, Klamath Falls Police, Herald and News Paper, Kingsley Field Air National Guard Base, spoke with Smsgt Shirar... stated they did have aircraft flying, but no reports of any 'unidentified objects'. All agencies were unaware of any stange craft in or around Klamath Falls area.

Via Herald and News, and the Public Affairs officer Kingley Field; "The 173rd Fighter Wing will conduct night flying operations from March 2-4. Operations will take place between approximately 4-9 p.m. each night. Night flying is part of the course curriculum for F-15C student pilots at Kingsley Field in Klamath Falls." There were some night flight operations on the night of 1 March 2021, as I live 45 miles NE from the base and I heard fighter jets in my area.

(Investigators conclusion) The weather that day was in the 50's and clear, so that evening there would have been clear skies and temps dropping to mid 30's. As witness MD stated, the object was triangular in shape, with non - blinking white lights on the corners. Another witness stated 'red' lights were seen. MB also submitted a drawing of object showing its triangle shape with lights on corners. And she was positive this was not a conventional military aircraft, as she was raised on USAF bases and was familiar with most USAF aircraft.

Also noted that the object was 800 to 1000 feet distance over her and her husband flying silent. Estimated size at half a football field. So size estimate at 50 meters or 150 feet in length. She also stated if she held out her thumb at arms length, it was larger than that. From her statement the object was solid, edges of it were sharp and moving silent through the night sky in a SW direction.

As noted by other witness posts on the Klamath Scanner and News Facebook site, some say possibly conventional military aircraft such as the B-2 bomber, which is triangular in shape, others claim they don't know what is was.

Two possibilities here, one-that this was a U.S. military aircraft or two- did an 'unknown object' slip into our airspace undetected? With lots of witnesses on both sides, hard to say at this time.

Posted 2021-03-31

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