Occurred: 1956-04-15 15:00:00 Local
Location: Sequoia National Forest, CA, USA
Shape: Unknown
Duration: few hours
Reported: 2021-01-14 23:12:52 Pacific
Posted: 2021-01-19 00:00:00
Characteristics: Landed, Missing Time

object had crashed , door open and got inside - found origins of our history

when I was in 6TH grade, our teacher told us to write an Essay about where our parents and grand parents came from, what nationality is our ancestors and from where! do not know if this will get any attention ; but threw the years, I've told this story about an experience I (think) I encountered while in the park with my parents on vacation; I think I made up most of the story because one thing I couldn't understand is "why people from other countries "look so different", had their "own languages" and stayed mainly in their own groups in each land! my essay was " out of the box" thinking as to why every country and culture had different writings ( word spellings, symbols, numbers, etc.

I wrote the essay and gave to my teacher, who then told me to go see the Principle in the office with my essay! later that day, my father showed up at my school, and soon afterwords, two men in suits came in and asked me and my dad a lot of questions as to when I saw this craft,who else witnessed this "encounter" after the interview,we went home and told my mother...who's heavily into religion, and was TOTALLY upset at me because my assessment went against god and religion, HOW MAN KIND EVOLVED and most of all, the bible my father thought it was gust my vivid imagination to tell a story....but a few days later, the two men came to the house to ask more in depth interview ??? i was not allowed to talk about it to any of my friends, or, ANYONE!!!...EVER threw the years I've seen a lot of new videos and speculation that is getting close to my experience if interested on my theory...pleas contact me....

don't know where to go from here??

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