NUFORC Sighting 160646

Occurred: 1989-09-05 19:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2020-11-15 22:30 Pacific
Duration: 7-10 seonds
No of observers: 2

Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA

Shape: Sphere
Characteristics: Left a trail

Astonishing Ship - Las Vegas 1989. No Lights, No Sound. Son's Report of Father's Sighting

This is a true story of what my father saw in Las Vegas 31 years ago. It lasted all of between 7-10 seconds, but forever changed his and my families belief in UFOs and potentially extraterrestial spacecraft.

In late summer/early fall of 1989, my father (a musician and sign artist) and his best friend (also a musician and local inventor) were coming out of my father's home just after having finished a jam together. It was dusk, and the sky above was colored a deep orange/red while the sun continued to set. At that time, my father lived in a house on the east side of Las Vegas on a street named Betty Ln. As he stepped out onto his porch while carrying his friend's guitar amplifier, he suddenly had the urge to look up.

Looking out west toward Red Rock Canyon, he observed what started out as a tiny black dot "arc" over the mountain range. The dot was rapidly growing in size as it crossed over the Vegas valley within seconds toward my father's end of town, and it was quickly apparent it was a ship of some kind. The ship was "tumbling" and "skipping" in the air as it came closer. My father excitedly grabbed his friend's shoulder, pointed up at the object while exclaiming his friend's name.

By the time his friend had looked up, the object was now approaching overhead above my father's house and they could now make out the shape and color of the ship. The closest way to describe it's shape was that of a "Tootsie Pop" (I also have his sketches of the object on hand for anyone who would like to see). It was a large sphere, estimated to be somewhere between 25-50ft. in diameter with a thick band that encircled its center. It's color and texture has always been hard for my father to describe. Everything about it looked "alien". The "metal" looked prehistoric, and the texture was almost like metal mixed with concrete. Somewhat similar to pewter in appearance, with a bronze/gray color. There were no lights, no windows, no hatches or anything on the craft.

As it came overhead, the ship rapidly and seemingly at random changed pitch and pivoted back and forth as it tumbled through the air. There was absolutely no sound or noise coming from the object whatsoever. At its closest point, the object was at a low altitude of approximately 300ft. above my father's house. When he and his friend were directly below, they observed that the object appeared to be distorting the air around it, making the "metal" of the ship appear to be moving or melting. They felt frightened and the feeling was beyond ominous.

After it passed his home, it suddenly shot rapidly upward over Sunrise Mountain into the sky, out of our atmosphere into space. The whole front end of it lit up and left behind a white phosphorescent trail as it departed, all still without making any sound.

All of this happened within a span of 7-10 seconds.

The two of them stood there, frightened and speechless until my father asked his friend "What the f- is that?" His friend replied " I don't know, but it wasn't made in Detroit." He also said he saw another ship out in the distance that my father didn't notice as he was fixated on just the one ship and that he thought that the ships were riding on electromagnetic waves. His friend has a quite pronounced stigmatism that may have been why he saw the other ship and my father did not.

They walked back into the house, and on television on channel KLAS-8 there were reports of 6 ships that were reported by multiple witnesses passing over Las Vegas.

They spent the rest of the evening discussing the event and the aftermath of what to do. Ultimately, they kept the story to themselves, as they felt no one would actually believe them and didn't know who they should report it to or what good what come of it.

My father had said he'd always wanted to see something like that, but once he did he wished he never had.

"It was nothing but a giant question mark in my life. If we had come out of the house 5 seconds later we would have never seen it." It wasn't like the spectacular wonder of "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind." In the end, it was a disturbing experience that has been etched in his and his friend's minds forever.

Incidentally, later that same year Bob Lazar came out about S-4 and the reverse engineering technologies that were happening there. We've always believed him, in that it is impossible that we could have created propulsion systems like the one my father observed.

And that's the story. Did anyone else see anything like this that year, or know someone that did? I am posting this report in the hopes it will be of value to the ongoing study of this phenomenon. And I'll always be keeping a look out.

Posted 2020-12-23

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