Occurred: 1970-06-30 23:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2020-10-22 07:33 Pacific
No of observers: 0

Location: Jackson, MS, USA

Characteristics: Missing Time

The Visitor With The Large Head

I have only told my mother and maybe two other people this story.

I did not see a UFO, but in 1970, when I was about 5 years old, I was awakened and called from my bed. My mother, new-born sister, and younger brother were all asleep. My great-grandmother was sleeping in her room down the short hall. In complete darkness, I crawled out at the foot of the bed as to not wake my brother, who slept with me, then I went through the dinning room and into the kitchen and to the back door. I was in nothing but my underwear.

I unlocked the latched of the backdoor and stepped out onto the concrete steps that led down to the grassy yard. Half way down, I took a seat. Then, In the middle of the yard a large head suddenly hovered over the ground. I glowed in a green light. It's face was human-like but thin and bony looking, without Facal fat, and it had a small thin mouth. It's eyes were black without eyeballs and it had no hair. But what made it not human was it's giant egg-shaped head. It looked like a human face was stuck at the bottom of an egg.

Even with no eyeballs I knew the head was looking at me. I was not scared. In fact I felt nothing and thought nothing. I knew it was not a real head, but a projected image, a holograph of some kind- although I didn't know anything of the sort existed at that age. Then the head spoke to me without words or moving its mouth. It said to telepathically that THEY had follow and guided my bloodline since the defining of time, and that even my mother and father, who were not married, had been brought together brought together for bloodline purposes.

I could completely understand everything the head said to my mind. Then it put an image in my mind of a river and a group of naked black people on the other side eating some kind of fruit. It said I was a dependent from this group of early people and THEY had been with them ever since.

The head also said that was a war going on in an unseen place but also that some human serve both sides- the righteous side and the evil side. It also said that the Great War will come upon the earth too, and that I was to play some part in it. It also said that when I am a man I would meet others like me, who's bloodline THEY had watched and nurtured.

The head said that as I got older I would come to great understandings, of which I was not ready for then, but would slowly reveal the truth of reality to me. I was told that a gradian had been assigned to watch and protect me from harm and to make sure I did use my gift in the wrong way (And from then until I was about 24 years old, I felt the presence of my protectors with me).

I have much more to express; like reverse engineering my mind when I was still a young child, and when Iunderstood the structure of my own consciences, and my practice of mind reading I developed. Please note that did not speak much at all until I was 12 or 13 years old because I KNEW no body could understand me while I understood every thought others had. I would love to tell someone how I ascended and filled out the entire universe on two occasions, and how I am able to see the patters of the overlapping dimensions that make up physical reality.

I do not remember going back through the house to my bed but I do remember laying in the darkness before going back to sleep, thoughtless and without fear.

Posted 2020-12-23

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