NUFORC UFO Sighting 159966

Occurred: 2020-10-14 21:02 Local
Reported: 2020-10-15 08:37 Pacific
Duration: 2 minutes
No of observers: 3

Location: Yardey, PA, USA

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Lights on object

2 brightly lit objects, intense orangish in color like shades of fire moved in unimpressive manner, followed by 4 more in random spacin

Lived near Philadelphia International Airport and Trenton-Mercer Airport for over 30 years, objects in the sky do not catch my attention. I am also a bit of a weekend warrior space nerd and am familiar with "looking up" to admire the sky, space station passes, sky safari and NASA apps, that sort of thing so I do realize the various and sometimes seamingly abnormal or environmental/weather variables and being a self-employed remodeling contractor, realize that different angles can be misleading especially with depth perception and other Earthly phenomenon. Having said that just for clarification that I am not easily impressed or wild at things in the sky I did I do rationally make the ductions for everything in life, however this was nothing like anything I've ever seen. Bees two objects that originally caught my attention where somewhere in our atmosphere I would say distance wise. Other than that, I have no way of comparing distance to make specific, only that the intense color like a fire almost these two objects were lit up so bright I immediately started thinking about how. As stated, the distance looked like it was too close to be lit up by the Sun as a space station is, these were definitely self-generated lights. Unlike crafts with specifically placed marker lights and strobe lights, these were solid and color and did not blink or give other indicators of a typical aircraft. Speeds where unimpressive and nothing out of the ordinary as someone that is located near airportsis used too. Within five seconds of seeing these objects, I ran inside to alert my family members, pass through the house to the front yard, as 2 more objects we're moving across behind the first set. As those pass by and went behind building in trees horizon, 2 more preceded by in the same fashion, at a slightly faster Pace but still ordinary. As stated, nothing two impressive or attention-getting about anything besides the intense color of t! hese objects. Though these objects were much larger, the overa! ll tone almost looked like Mars on a very clear night. Family member that was immediately behind me after I ran through the house and alerted them, immediately saw what I was looking for and said outloud "oh my gosh what is that that's definitely not normal" and proceeded to repeat "that's not normal" several times and I have to say, she was right. I did pull out my cell phone and do you have the objects on video, however being at night time and zooming in at distance while probably shaking from adrenaline or such, needless to say the object in my video looks like anything would look at a distance at night time on a shakey cell phone and is pointless to review for furthering of any conclusive facts or answers. If it was not for this intense color, I would have assumed these were group formations going to McGuire Air Force Base approximately 40 miles away these however we're no aircraft that I've ever seen before or knew existed. Do not know what I saw exactly b! ut I know I've never seen anything like it before and again, that is only because of the intense color and how odd it was with no other identification or typical characteristics. Hard to describe in an impressive manner but I can only say it was impressive enough to leave a lasting impression on me. Don't have any evidence to base this off of obviously, but when I'm looking at something I can judge it pretty well as I said, gauging distance I immediately thought of the space station but this was too close to be out of Earth's Shadow. Definitely self generated lighting and it looked to be over the entirety of these objects. Not just strategically placed Lighting in specific places, almost like an exterior shell of all LED panels one would say as an example, where the entire viewable surface is 1 seamless solid light. I will also add, in video at night viewing any lit object, everything appears to look exactly like I just described. In person however, these objects were clo! se enough to see how it 100% truly was illuminated. No sound ! Was Hear d, which again was not out of the ordinary, due to the distance being far enough away to fit with typical airplane sightings and the sound of associated with them through muscle memory I suppose. Nothing else to add other than pretty much all average characteristics and movements and or other descriptive details other than the color and intensity of its illumination which unless was witnessed in person is probably underwhelming to hear a long winded person attempt to describe in detail. Whatever it was was surely cool and impacted be enough to lead me to this website which 24 hours ago I didn't know existed.

Posted 2020-12-23

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