NUFORC UFO Sighting 158025

Occurred: 2020-07-04 21:47 Local
Reported: 2020-07-28 16:22 Pacific
Duration: 12 minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Selbyville, DE, USA

Shape: Cigar
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object, Changed Colo

2 Red vertical Cigar shaped objects spotted near Ocean City, DE July 4th 2020.

I went outside about 9:40 pm to water some grass areas of our lawn due to burning and dying areas of lawn near the house. As I proceeded to water areas of the grass the needed help I could hear just a few local fireworks going off not to far away from my location. Then after watering the grass areas for about 7 minutes approximately facing my north, northwest position I turned to northeast to hit and bad grass spot and noticed what appeared at first to be a red firework I thought approximately 3-5 miles away above the neighbors garage across the street. So thinking that it was just a red firework that had exploded I noticed that it did not dissipate. So I proceeded to keep watering but kept looking at this red light that distance it just appeared to be round. Then I focus back on it and noticed that it began to slowly move north to a northwest direction and slowly moved more northwest. Then watching for a couple minutes this red object turned toward my direction and began coming toward my direction. I thought oh I must just be a plane or jet heading this way. So after another minute it came close enough to notice that it did not have any flashing lights or appeared to seem like it was a plane or jet. Then the object appeared to slowly move in a southwest direction still coming towards me. After another minute passed I realized it sure was not any plane, helicopter, or any type of jet or even a drone. This red object then slowed to complete stop approximately and guessing an altitude of about 10-12,000 feet above it was probably no more than 2 or 3 street blocks just to the north of me and I noticed the shape better colors better and had the shape of a cigar or rectangle sitting totally vertical straight up and down. I noticed this craft had some white colors appearing to blend in with the red and the very top had sort of a T shape to it but small and was hovering in that position for well over a minute. I knew right away ! the this was some sort of UFO and it did not make any sound or! sounds whatsoever. At the time there was a couple fireworks that rose just over the tree tops as I was facing north while watching this object hover at about an 75-80 degree position just above me. The fireworks down the street then stopped and I figured those people might be seeing this same cigar shaped object. Not sure why the fireworks stopped but then I noticed this craft began to slowly start moving towards the west and began to rise a bit higher while still moving 45 degrees upward towards the west. I then glanced back at where I first saw it and took maybe 5 steps back away and noticed the same exact red ball in the same exact location I saw this one. Almost seemed like this object was waiting for this other craft. Turned my attention back to the one closest to me and noticed to was rising up much higher at 45 degrees and eventually went thru a very high light cloud bank and noticed the red color thru to white and then fade as it rose attitude much much higher then disappear almost like watching clouds start to cover a star at night. So I kept looking for it but it completely disappeared. After that I turned back to watch the second UFO and it basically took the same path as the first did but didn’t stop over my head. That object was identical to the first.. same colors, same shape and size. It also proceeded to rise up at the same 45 degree angle and follow the first one until both completely disappeared just towards the south area of where the Big Dipper was. I looked around to see if anything else would appear and just noticed the clear moon with I believe a planet and star I’m guessing near it. Was I fairly clear evening with moonlight visible and I don’t recall seeing and type of glow from these objects reflecting off the ground. I contacted the two nearest police departments the very next day knowing they probably would be busy due to the 4th of July. I can tell you that I was semi skeptical about UFOs my whole life..well up until the l! ast evening and now I am a believer 1000%. These two objects I! saw wer e definitely not from this planet. I tried to take a video with my cell phone and it turned out bad. Tried zooming to focus but some reason video ended up 16 seconds long w a white blip (the UFO) and you could hear the last 2 fireworks go off and then completely stop well before both craft had completely disappearing, I am bit upset that I did not snap photos but tried to video the first object while tossing the garden hose on the ground without me getting wet. I thought i had good video footage so I never attempted to try to shoot some photos of both objects.

Posted 2020-07-31

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