NUFORC UFO Sighting 157869

Occurred: 2020-07-22 00:46 Local
Reported: 2020-07-23 15:49 Pacific

Location: Alvin, TX, USA

Characteristics: Lights on object

A large ship @50 ft wide with a large orange light hovered over my backyard at the top of my tree about 25ft up.

Person 1:Person 1: Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020 at 12:46 am I went outside to my backyard and I looked up and saw a large circular ship (@50 ft wide) with red lights around the perimeter of the ship and large orange light @12 ft across in the center at the bottom of the ship. It had landing wheels tucked into the bottom of the ship and the underside of the ship looked like it had a large motor box. It was right above me at the top of my tree about 25 ft above the ground. I could see the red lights on the grass. It did not have any propellers and it was very loud, like the sound of a waterfall. The bottom was completely black except for the lights.

I ran inside and got my friends to come outside and see it. We watched it from directly underneath it. After 15 seconds it took off extremely fast parallel to the ground towards the North. Then we went to the front yard and saw a large orange light about a mile away towards the East over our neighbor’s barn.

Person 2: Wednesday July 22, 2020 12:46am.

I was watching TV and my friend ran inside and said “Come outside, I think there is a space ship”. I ran out side with my friend and I heard this loud huge noise that sounded like a large waterfall. I looked up and saw a large spaceship that was black with a bright orange light in the center of the bottom of the ship. The orange light was about 12ft wide and the ship was about 50 feet wide. The ship was directly above a tree which was about 20-25 ft high. The ship was creating wind that made the tree move back and forth at the top. We did not feel the wind. The ship hovered above her yard and then suddenly took off towards the North after about 15 seconds. It went straight across even with the ground at a very fast speed.

We ran to the front yard and we saw a bright orange light that looked like a star above the neighbors barn to the North East. We went inside and the light was still above the barn in the sky. It left around 1:00 am.

Posted 2020-07-23

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