NUFORC UFO Sighting 149704

Occurred: 2019-09-18 17:00 Local
Reported: 2019-10-10 03:49 Pacific
Duration: 2 minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Belfast, ME, USA

Shape: Cross

Iridescent/silver circular object hovering for a while then flying off.

It was nearing sunset. Very calm and almost cloudless sky. I was sitting on my kayak enjoying the quiet and peaceful tome of day. From the corner of my left eye something caught my eye and I looked up. Not 50 feet above and slightly to my left was what on first glance a large iridescent bubble. It was lingering so I looked to my right where neighbors were in their dock to see if they were blowing bubbles but of course it couldn’t have been because the object was definite in its movement and it was literally hovering. I kept looking up at it and then all around me to see if anyone else was out on lake or could see it with me. I kept gasping with both excitement and wonder. I did speak out loud and said what on earth is that? To myself. It then lifted a bit in no apparent rush. It was definitely translucent to silver it turned itself to and then flew away from me and when it was about 200 ft just above my house it disappeared. I immediately called my neighbor ! to see if they had a drone out but they didn’t and it had no lights or wings it was literally a ball. Maybe from that distance the size of a softball not large at all. It was most definitely just hanging out. It was quite close. It was also quite beautiful. That’s why at first I thought it was a bubble with the shimmer and iridescence. I clearly looked all around and into the water to try to make sense of where it had come from. It also was completely silent.

Posted 2019-12-01

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