NUFORC UFO Sighting 149289

Occurred: 2019-09-27 22:15 Local
Reported: 2019-09-28 17:46 Pacific
Duration: 5-8 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Livermore Falls, ME, USA

Shape: Triangle
Characteristics: Lights on object

Low flying triangular craft, a luminous sphere, 2 witnesses and video proof!

I’m an equipment operator at a power plant working night shift. It was a beautiful, crystal clear night, and I could see almost every star in the sky! While moving material in my bulldozer, a peculiar moving light caught my attention in my peripherals. So I turned my dozer around to get check out what I saw. To the south-west approx. 30-50ft in the air I see a spherical orangish orb, about the size of a basketball frantically darting around. I was a little alarmed and couldn’t figure out what it could be, and to get a better vantage point of the object I, drove my dozer up on top of the pile of material (approximately 55 feet high). It took me about 20 seconds to drive up there, and by then the orb was still visible, but a little further out and at this point I was having difficulty seeing it thru distant trees. I shut off my dozer and turned off the lights, and began to examine the area.

At this point my supervisor, a very intelligent and rational degreed Engineer, drove around the pile. I presumed he had circled around the pile and continued back to the power plant, making a routine round. While panning the skyline from the top of the pile, I spot something peculiar at a low altitude, in the eastern sky. It was a prominent equilateral triangular craft with lights at each point, flashing sometimes in unison and at some moments, different times. The lights flashed blue at times, as well as red and brilliant white. The craft was just hovering there, completely silent. Occasionally it would dramatically dart in different directions, hovering at each pause. It was mind bending. I was about to call my supervisor over the radio, to tell him what I’m seeing, but decided against it, not wanting to be ridiculed and joked about for being “crazy”, or being told to put on my ‘tin foil benie’. The craft began to very slowly hover towards my location. I scrambled for my cellphone in hopes of capturing a video. At this point, I thought my supervisor had continued up to the plant when he had made his round about 5 minutes prior, but unbeknownst to me he had seen the same curious triangle as I, and had stopped to film it, and at this moment he was calling me over the radio, to ask if I was seeing this bizzare, anomalous triangular craft! I was perplexed and relieved that he was witnessing this as well!! I exclaimed that I was watching it too, and that I took a video, he replied that he was capturing a video as well and was baffled at this bizzare sighting. The craft began slowly heading west, in my direction, so I jumped back in my bulldozer, called my supervisor and told him I would meet him at the bottom of the pile to discuss what we were seeing. I quickly made it to the bottom of the pile, shutting my dozer back off, and told my supervisor that I had a pair of high quality 10x42 birders in my truck, and I told him to keep his eye on the craft while I go and get them. I sprinted about 100 yards to whe! re my tr uck was parked, grabbed my binoculars and sprinted back. He pointed to where the craft was, it was quite a ways out but we could still see it on the horizon where it appeared to vere at a sudden 90° angle to the south (as if it was going to circle around back towards our direction), I quickly pulled up my binos, panning to see the craft & as soon as I got it in my view there was a bright flash of light & the craft was gone! Faster than a snap of my fingers! My jaw dropped, & we both quickly looked at each other and said, “Did you see that!?!” We were perplexed frantically wondering what the hell this thing was & where it just went!?!? We stood there gazing every inch of the sky, looking for it, sharing our videos with each other and pondering as to what we just saw.. to the south of our location about 5 miles away, there’s a small private dirt air strip that hosts a couple of fly over events each summer. The small air field has a only a couple tiny hangers and can only accommodate small, single passenger personal biplanes. We are use to seeing the small planes in the area, and can easily hear them as well as high flying commercial jets, even over the noise of the equipment, so we were flabbergasted that in the silent of the night, with our equipment turned off, the triangular craft, flying probably less than a thousand feet in the air was completely. It didn’t make a sound at all, it was very eerie, causing the hair on my neck to stand on end. It’s also worth noting that high flying, commercial jets are an often occurrence, and we occasionally see the biplanes in the area, our facility is a Federally Regu! lated facility, so the low flying airspace around the one or two mile footprint of the plant is strictly governed, & the only aircraft that we see directly over head (w/ exception too high commercial jets at 25,000-30,000 ft) is the helicopter belonging to the power utility may fly over to do a line inspection. Other than that we never have air traffic above us.. So, that was another alarming factor of this sighting.

After a few more minutes of talking with the supervisor we parted ways and went back to work. About 30-45 minutes later, 2 large (very loud) dark colored military style helicopters flew over the plant on the exact trajectory as the triangular object did just shortly before! And the next morning on shift turnover, an employee from another crew, who lives nearby, unprompted, asked me if i was able to hear or see the big military choppers from the pile last night, it was strange considering the nearest [active] military base is a couple hours away, and we rarely see training exercises in our area.

A very bizzare one of a kind sighting, an anomaly I won’t forget !

Posted 2019-10-04

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