NUFORC UFO Sighting 148353

Occurred: 1982-01-01 00:00 Local
Reported: 2019-08-18 11:13 Pacific
Duration: ~30 minutes
No of observers: 4

Location: out in the country not city, TX, USA

Shape: Rectangle
Characteristics: Lights on object, Landed

redish/orange vehicle UFO on AR41 in Ark. near Red River.

Jan 31st of 1981 my wife and I with my two daughters went to Broken Bow, Okla. To visit friends and family of our church that we belonged to before we moved to Hooks, Texas, for my Job. We attended a watch night service and left there at about 12:30 AM Jan 1, 1982, and visited with one of our close church friends until about 2 AM. We left Broken Bow on New Years Morning (That 2 AM I mentioned) and headed for Hooks ,Texas.

We went south on route 259 south towards the Red River Okla/Texas Border, but decided to go by way of DeQueen , Ark . As we were coming into Foreman, Ark. Off to the south of Foreman, we noticed a very odd thing. Something was lighting up the sky a reddish orange color so bright it looked almost like a huge forest fire. Only thing it was pulsating at a regular intervals.

After turning south on AR41 going south we could still see this pulsating orangish red light out in the distance. We traveled on AR41 for about 5 miles when upon hitting a small rise going back down into a shallow valley we saw what at first we thought was an ambulance sitting still on the road not moving an inch. As we drew nearer, I noticed it looked squarish in shape and had an unusual light display about it that really didn't look like an ambulance that I've ever seen before.

AS we got even closer it began to start moving down the road about 15 miles per hour in a 55 mph zoned road, which was only a two lane road with a non passing divided lines. I couldn't understand why they were going so slow and my wife kept warning me not to pass it . WE followed this thing until we crested the last little hill just before crossing the Red River (Boarder). Just as we crested it, the vehicle ahead of us made a swishing sound and appeared to dart straight up in the air. WE were going down the hill towards the river and near the Arkansas side two highway patrol/or sheriff vehicles were parked as they would do if watching for speeders in either direction. They had their red flashing lights on while sitting there.

As we passed them, my two daughter confirmed what my wife and I saw . It appeared as though they were somehow not moving. They didn't even move or look at us as we passed them at about 3 AM in the morning and only vehicle on the road that time of morning. We arrived home in Hooks I believe before 3:30 AM we went to bed and woke up about 9 AM that Morning wanting to see the New Years day happenings on TV. What we heard was from a local TV station that there had been a UFO sighting near the Red River early that morning and near the river power lines and trees were covered with what some refer to as Angels Hair. I Told my wife that I had to go see this so we made the trek to the river to see . The Angels Hair was there and covered quite a bit of things and traffic was somewhat heavy even though the news ask people not to go. I had my suspicions though and I wanted to check out if what I thought happened did. That is thinking I saw the vehicle go straight up in the air.

We crossed the river and I ask my wife to look on her side of the road while I looked on my side to see if maybe there was some kind of side road going off it before the river. No such turn offs that we could tell off before or even near the top of the rise before dropping off towards the river.

I've looked for any kind of a report on this and could not find anything on line . Except on guy on here on the same date made a report of seeing a reddish/orange light that he says he saw but his I believe he said his sister saw nothing what he did. Was just wondering if it might have been possibly the same vehicle or thing he saw.

Posted 2019-08-23

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