NUFORC UFO Sighting 148184

Occurred: 2019-08-11 10:00 Local
Reported: 2019-08-11 20:28 Pacific
Duration: 2-3 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: North Palm Springs, CA, USA

Shape: Disk

Event seen by two amateur sky observers/ufo-hunters. Tried to match craft with local planes or possible known satellites that were currently in nearby skies but to no avail. (Following phone apps were used for this: Air Traffic, Flight Aware, Flight Radar 24 (w/Silver Membership) Satellite AR and Heaven's Above).

It should also be noted that the Palm Springs airport and air museum is nearby, and being avid sky watchers, the observers have become accustomed to the typical air traffic associated with each. This was something very different from anything that might be usually seen and did not match any reported callsigns or known aircraft. Observers regularly use the mentioned phone apps to match aircraft they see to that which is reported and passing nearby or through the airport.

Traveling westbound via car on 10 Freeway, exited on Indian Canyon to turn into the North Palm Springs Motel 6 parking lot. Passenger spotted and pointed out to driver a shiney, silvery-white, disk shaped, wingless craft ascending in the Eastern sky, directly out past the windmill fields. The center of disk was raised enough to be where this would be where it seems like a pilot could reside. No sound could be heard, though if it were a plane, the associated sound could have been heard.

Sky was perfectly clear, winds the night before had been very gusty and might have kicked up sand but at this time all dusts had settled and only a very slight breeze existed.

Spotted at about 60 degrees - the horizon being 0. At first the craft seemed to climb slowly and steadily in elevation similar to any typical passenger plane, but after about 30 seconds of us observing this, the craft seemed to come to a hovering hold. What appeared to be doors folded out from under the craft and then back up into it. The craft then started ascending, up and away, amazingly fast, straight up into the atmosphere; within a matter of seconds, it shrunk from view until it completely disappeared. No trails were left behind.


Good evening Mr. Davenport,

I just wanted to let you know that I got your voicemail about my report and I thank you for taking the time to look over it. I just wanted to let you know though, that the time I initially reported is the correct time - 10:00AM; I know that might seem a bit unusual, as most reports seem to reference the night, but I have come to notice that there's just as much interesting activity going on in our sky during the day as there is during the night.

Also, there was no evidence of anything left behind, but that's likely due to the elevation of the object and that from its initially high elevation, it only zipped away, higher and higher until vanishing.

I'd be happy to answer any other questions you might have.

Thank you again,


Posted 2019-08-23

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