Occurred: 1979-08-15 20:15:00 Local
Location: Tarboro, NC, USA
Shape: Triangle
Duration: ~10 minutes
No of observers: 1
Reported: 2019-08-07 05:56:08 Pacific
Posted: 2019-08-23 00:00:00
Characteristics: Lights on object, Missing Time, Animals reacted

Triangle craft seen in Eastern North Carolina

My family was returning from church (Wednesday night choir practice and youth group meetings) when I saw this craft. During the summer I was allowed to play outside until 10PM, so I went outside after changing clothes.

There was a large forest surrounding my home, but the area between our house and the neighbors home was about 100 yards, with 50 yards of trees. There was a huge silver/white birch between our homes that spread out and dominated that treeline.

I was walking the path between our homes when it became eerily quiet. The cicadas stopped their noises. Completely. Night animals were oddly quiet as well. As someone who was a youthful but experienced hunter, and spent a great deal of time in the woods, I knew this generally indicated the presence of a predator. Being that I was aware the most dangerous thing in our evening woods were (1) people or (2) wild dogs, I wasn't overly concerned since I knew that stretch of woods like the back of my hand and would notice ANY misplaced shadow or item in the vicinity.

Out of an abundance of caution however, I decided to look around. Especially since I had a mild sense of being watched (not unusual given the number of animals in the forests around my home). It was the hairs standing up on the back of my neck that pushed me into paying closer attention though. Not seeing anything ground-worthy around me, I looked up into the trees. A bobcat maybe? I wasn't sure. Looking up though, it was the lights that caught my attention.

What appeared to be about 50 yards above the birch tree I mentioned, was a series of three bluish/white lights arranged in a triangle formation. The area between them blocked out all starlight above them. I don't remember if it was a cloudy evening or not, but the area between the lights was definitely darker than the night sky around it. I couldn't make out any other details, other than the lights and the dark triangle formed by them.

I don't recall any other interaction with the object I saw, but I remember feeling a breeze that smelled odd then "snapping out of it" when I heard my father call me back to the house from our garage. Which was odd because he said I'd been outside about 30 minutes already and I was needed inside to help my sister with some chore they needed doing; it was odd to me because it seemed like only about 5 minutes to me. I looked back up, and the sky had returned to normal with no trace of the lights.

That's it. Nothing since. Just thought I'd pass this along. My parents didn't believe I'd seen anything and chalked it up to an over-active imagination, but the image is burned into mind and I can still see it to this day as if it was just happening.

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