NUFORC UFO Sighting 14587

Occurred: 2000-10-13 20:00 Local
Reported: 2000-10-16 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 3-5 min.
No of observers: 1

Location: Eugene (west of), OR, USA

Shape: Light
Characteristics: Lights on object, Changed Colo

Lights over the Oregon Coastal Mountains.

It was just after 8pm on Friday night, the 13th of October, 2000. I was out in the Elsea Unit of Oregon settling in for dinner in my vehicle after a day of hunting. The area I was in is west of Eugene. I parked at the very top of one of the highest mountains in the area, right at the edge of a clear-cut. I could see for miles over the tops of many surrounding mountains. The sunset was at 6:33pm that night. There was a bank of clouds flowing filling the valleys and another wave of clouds floating over the mountain tops. I looked up at the horizon and saw some small lights in the distance. I figure that they are maybe 5 miles away. The lights are white for the most part and changed in intensity. The color would sometimes be yellow or red. The group consisted of four lights that would "dance"; or "play" around in a relatively tight grouping. About the area of a dime at arms length. My first thought was that they were other hunters traversing the mountains. From my vantage point however, I could see they were above the other mountains and moving much too fast for a car or truck viewed from this distance. A couple times one of the lights would dip down into a valley, but never low enough to go out of sight. The light dipping into the valley meant that it couldn't be lights of a distant town flickering through the clouds. After a couple minutes, I noticed another group to the right of the first. It was more of a line of 5-6 light closer together. The way they flickered made me believe that they were flames of a large fire. That was until one from the first group moved over to join the line. A few seconds later, it or another one returned to the first group. Roughly five minutes had elapsed before I realized I had the digital camcorder. I climbed outside to get a better shot. It took several tries to get anything to show up on tape due to the distance in the dark. I switched it to infrared. Nothing. I turned up the gain. It worked. The lights and tree tops were present although fairly grainy. I managed to get one minute recorded to tape before the clouds became too thick. In the morning, I cammed the same direction for sake of comparison and took nine gps readings to comfirm exactly where I was standing.

Posted 2000-12-02

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