Occurred: 1979-08-17 21:37:00 Local
Location: Painesville (Township), OH, USA
Shape: Triangle
Duration: 9:37 to 10:05 pm
No of observers: 0
Reported: 2000-10-11 00:00:00 Pacific
Posted: 2000-12-02 00:00:00
Characteristics: Lights on object, Emitted other objects, Emitted beams

ATTN: This is for Peter Davenport 10/11/00 Dear Peter, I couldn't sleep last night with insamnia. up all night. tired of FM radio radio, for the very first time I switched to AM 1420 and cought you on a program discussing ufo encounter with four hunters who saw exactly the same identicle ship I encountered only the ship I saw/encountered was in proportion several times larger. Hearing this tale broughts me to my knees at the dinner table trembling in tears while my wife and sone sleep the night away not knowing of an encounter I had when I was 17 years of age that I have kept silent all these years for many reasons I am sure you can understand. I lived in an area that was a fairly quiet suberb of Painesville, ohio it was a 2mile circle of residential homes with duplexes/ town homes in the center. A very quiet community. On the evening of august 17th, 1979, I was 17 years of age. It was a quiet evening with clear skies. you could see all the stars and constilations in the sky with a light breeze. a very cool evening. I was living with my mother and step father in a residential home on the outer circle and was walking home after playing the guitar over a freinds house trying to write lyrics for a melody we came up with. You could hear the crickets in the field as I walk down the road. I was a bit chilled though, . I did notice that there was absolutely no one outside of their homes all bundled in for the night and scattered far apart there were lamp posts but they were so far apart it was really still pretty dark. I guess I was too busy trying to keep warm because i didn't wear a coat and i was running the lyrics to my song through my head to take notice that all of a sudden everything was silent. I didn't hear the crickets anymore, i heard nothing. dead silence and a wierd sense of being watched and all of a sudden i just stopped walking. The first thing I did was raise my right hand and look at my wrist watch and the time was 9:37pm. What I encountered next I really don't know how to explain but I remember looking upwards to the sky that I had just seen stars just moments earlier and I just stood in total awe trying to take in all this information in total awe of the huge amassity of this huge thing that I swear was several football fields in either direction. it was smooth and very flowing in design. it was like a huge mother ship that completely took out the sky above me in every direction. I remember seeing a huge cylindrical shape in the center that extended down maybe eight feet taht maintained a dark red glowing hugh almost like the black out lights used in the military but it was intense yet at the same time it was not lighting up the area at all. I also quit vividly remember hearing a very LOW EARTHLY RUMBLING SOUND VERY DEEP IN PITCH LIKE AN EARTH QUAKE BUT VERY LOW AND DEEP IN PITCH. iT WAS AS IF IT WAS FOLLOWING ME DOWN THE ROAD JUST GLIDING ACROSS THE SKY AT A VERY SLOW SPEED THAT WOULD CAUSE ANY OTHER CRAFT TO CRASH. All of a sudden i noticed three lights begining to strobe like a strobe light blue, red and white lights and I was hit with a solid beam of pure white light. this all happened in a matter of three minutes topps since I looked at my watch at 9:37pm. The next thing I remember I was walking back down the road in a very calm and relaxed state as if I came out of surgery just comming off sodium pentithal. it was just a real peaceful relaxed feeling yet It was very much over shadowed with a very strong sense of being violated and my under arms were stinging bad. when I got home i removed my shirt to find that my under arms were both bleeding and I was missing flesh. But I remember that when I found myself walking back down the road in a drug enduced state I remember looking back at my watch and it was exactly 10:05 pm! approxamately 25 minutes passed that I could not account for because it only seemed to actually have taken place in a matter of three or four minutes. To this day I have identical scar patterns under both arms and since this tramatic experience that I was put through against my will I will live with this untill the day I die. I do know that what I saw and experienced was as real as the car I drive and the air that I breath and you are the first to know of my abduction. I didn't ever say anything to anyone for the fear of becoming someones lab rat! You can reach me by leaving a message on my e-mail at ((e-address deleted)).COM. i am now 39 yrs, going on the big 40 January 7th. I am willing to share my story to the listners on the radio show. it was because of this show that I decided to come forward. I do not wish to reveal my last name or address. To this day, every night I go to bed and. wonder what was done to me! All I can say is that we as a people on this planet have great concern to be worried with technologies this advanced. I was under the impression durring this ordeal that these ships as far as our technology was concerned are totally and completely untouchable, unstopable and indistructable. We have great cause to be seriously concerned and with the increase of sightings and such close encounters which i fear are deliberate and with purpose, it will not be far too long before we know the truth. Do you really think they care if they are seen! They are obviously getting bolder and bolder all the time. You see TV shows like Star Gate. What makes you so certain that things like this really don't exist! They only appear to be seen when they want. Just call me matthew be too

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