NUFORC Sighting 144233

Occurred: 2018-12-30 18:00 Local
Reported: 2018-12-31 05:31 Pacific
Duration: 1 hour
No of observers: 2

Location: Lodi, OH, USA

Shape: Light
Characteristics: Lights on object, Changed Colo

A star with flashing colored lights moving erratically

Last night, December 30th, 2018, around 7:15pm (19:00), I walked outside and was amazed by the clear viewing sky above over Ohio. The stars were bright and very few clouds, it was beautiful. So I stood there watching for a short while and then saw something that caught my eye. Just North of Orion's Belt was an object that seemed to be moving erratically and possibly with color. Red, Blue and maybe a yellow. It would circle then move one way and another and then sit still for a while or move to a different spot (not far from the first). Then start all over again in this same pattern.

I ran in the house and had my husband come out, he wasn't impressed but did see it and said "probably some guy with a drone or something" and he went back inside. I watched it for some time and then went in the house to "google" it and there are many sightings of this type. Some mentioned seeing more than one at a time. I went back out and searched the sky and sure enough saw another one. This one was further to the North but then moved East.

Posted 2019-01-04

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