NUFORC Sighting 142219

Occurred: 2018-07-11 23:55 Local
Reported: 2018-07-12 10:39 Pacific
Duration: 20 seconds
No of observers: 1

Location: Owasso, OK, USA

Shape: Formation
Characteristics: Lights on object

Two oddly lit craft, one following the other, disappear from view on a clear cloudless night.

Saw something kinda weird last night. I really enjoy sitting on my back porch on warm clear nights and just watch the sky. To me it's much better than TV. I watch for satellites (21 last night, a record) and meteors (only two but...) I see lots of airplanes as well. Of course you can tell them by their flashing beacons, sometimes you can make out the green/red lights as well. Normally, and I mean almost always, you see one and you can watch it cross the sky until it either goes behind a tree or a house or just slowly gets dimmer and dimmer until it totally fades from view on the horizon.

It was getting late, near midnight and my eyes were getting tired but I believe that I saw what I saw. Looking to the southeast, probably forty to fifty degrees off the horizon, near the star, Altair, I noticed a sort of oddly lit plane with at least four white-ish lights flickering on and off what I would call randomly, about once per second. It was odd looking but nothing that I thought was totally out of the ordinary. The lights were not real bright but this meant to me that the object was at a very high altitude. It was moving very slightly south of due west at a speed consistent with a high altitude aircraft. Again, not real note-worthy.

But then I noticed a second identical object following the first. (If you held a ruler out at arms length then the second was about two or three inches behind the first.) Even this was not that surprising to me as I've logged a lot of hours out there skywatching and seen lots of aircraft. I assumed that if I watched long enough that I would realize that they only seemed to be in a straight line and that in time one would be headed in a slightly different direction.

What I didn't expect was for the first object to disappear. It just kind of faded away in a second or two. I kept waiting for it to reappear after I refocused (again, my eyes were tired) but no. It was gone. This got my attention. I could still see the second object for a few seconds...and then IT disappeared as well.

The entire event, from the time I noticed the first then the second object, to the time they were both gone lasted maybe 20 seconds. Not the weirdest thing I've ever seen while skywatching...but pretty close.

Posted 2018-07-13

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