Occurred: 1998-02-26 00:25:00 Local
Location: Crosshills (UK/England), , United Kingdom
Shape: Other
Duration: 2 minutes
No of observers: 4
Reported: 2018-06-26 04:37:44 Pacific
Posted: 2018-06-28 00:00:00
Characteristics: Lights on object, Landed, Missing Time

Hi Peter, can you help its been a long time since the sighting but i think of it daily me 30yrs son ((son's name deleted)) 10 daughter((daughter's name deleted) approx 17 pregent and boy fried ((boyfriend's name deleted)) n approx 17 we are in the car going home from work (dj at wedding 6pm till 11pm) i had a cold and due to driving i dident drink at the party. i got home about 11.20pm and ((daughter)) said what about going to keightley to all night cake for food, we are at home in colne lancashire about 11 miles from keightley. so we did at about 12.20 leaving cowlin yorkshire on the keighley rd 1 miles from crosshills on a dark part of the rd between towns came around a corner and about 600 yrs 30ft of the ground was a orange ball honey combed red lights about 3 times the sun was in the air just above the tree tops ((daughter)) said dad look ufo we all saw it about the same time i stopped the car and got out all others still in car, i said make a note of the time size colour it went down behind trees nr a school i got back in the car drove half miles down to the town and small police station but was closed i saw that i phone box next to rd side and tried to deal 999 nothing seem to be said then ((daughter's name deleted)) said dad look at that man and dog across the rd thay are not moving just standing dead still we all looked and something didnt look right we got back in the car a drove the larger town keighley police station beeing a friday or saturday night all the club pub and party people are out when we went in to make a report the office just looked at us and said something like yes you and the rest have you been drinking and worked away. we didn't feel like eating anymore so we drove back to the spot and took a lane up on to moors.

the next we all can remember was working in my house around 5.30am we eat something and when to bed the next day we went back to the town nr by and called in the small police station maned by only one village copper he spent 5 mins with us and said that no reports last night had been reported only one from a car/river that left the by pass 1 miles in the opposite direction to us about the same time but could say more.

for some weeks after we all speak about it even went to a ufo meaning in burnley.

but the strange part was about 9 or 10 monthes after the event i was going to bolton shopping with ((daughter's name deleted)) and my girl friend when she just out of the blue said dad i had a dream about that ufo thing she went on to say tell me about the dream being on a wall in the darkness looking over and in th dip was the ball in two halfs ie ufos with a type of door open on them she said the me and ((son's name deleted)) in from walking down to them vic and simon walking behind and the grass was deep around 2-3 feet. me and my girlfriend looked at each other .... because i hold her about the same dream same story and the grass was deepish.

its been along time since the sighting but every day i think about it now i watch every ufo program on tv and i listen to coast to coast most nights for the passed 5-6yrs.

i really would like to a lie test and ipnosise test just to find out what really took place. you are the first agancy i have every told please help im not sure how but cant you send me a direct email link to mail you a picture and rd plan to help you understand the timing.

one more thing im 58yrs old and i have had 4 strokes so my spelling is going and i might forget the event soon i do hope you understand, ((witness's name and e-address deleted)) if a agent needs to contact me thats ok if thay are genuine and not find this a joke remember its been along time and i really need to tell someone and i can show the area too if need be.

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