Occurred: 1999-03-05 01:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2000-09-07 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 15 Minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Cape Girardeau, MO, USA

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Aircraft nearby

2 fast objects chased by planes.

I wish I could remember the exact date, but I can't. During this account abject will stand for the "UFO" and jet will stand for the chase planes. Me and my roomate were laying on top of our apartement's roof. We lived on the top floor of an old two story house and it was easy to step onto the roof from our stairs. We were laying there talking when I first noticed a light VERY high in the sky. It was coming from the west and didn't blink or change colors. It was white and moving fast across the sky. I know how to spot a satalite and this wasn't a satalite. I pointed it out to my roomate and we both were watching it. Then we noticed anouther craft flying behind it. We both had been in the US Army and we could tell it was a jet. You could just barely make out the wing's light's on the second craft. After the first one went over we never heard a sound of the engine. At first we thought it was due to the hight it was flying. But after the one we knew was a jet got passed us we heard the second craft's engines. The plane had already gotten almost out of sight when we finally heard it so it had to be going suppersonic! But it never got close to the the first object. The jet was definately giving chase to the object they were on the exact same flight path. After both craft were out of sight we sat there and talked about what we had just seen. Neither of us could hardly believe it. A few minutes later we saw coming from the north a repeat of the first account! But after the second "object" got passed us we noticed a second jet coming from the south on an intercept course for the second object. The object blew right past the plane from the sout and the jet performed a high speed turn. Neither jet ever got close to it. The first jet that waas chasing the the second object was also heard after it passed over us. The second chase jet from the south never flew over our position so was never heard. All three craft continued south until out of site. While I was in the Army I personally got to view many aircraft on the ground, taking off, and in the air at night. The two objects were nothing I had ever sean before. I was a Combat Medic and went all over the world. My roomate was a Missile Specialist and also had seen many aircraft and had traveled greatly during his military career. The only thing either of us could come up with was that the two objects were UFOs (I don't mean that they were Alien nature, just that they hadn't been Identified) and that a total of 3 jets had given chase. Also that atleast two of the jets were traveling at supersonic speeds and never got close to the objects. Object description -- The two objects were extreamly high and just looked like a white light. They never changed shape or color and never changed course. I wish to stay anonymus and do not want to be contacted by phone or in person. I will consent to emails.

Posted 2000-09-17

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