NUFORC Sighting 139389

Occurred: 2018-04-06 22:45 Local
Reported: 2018-04-06 21:21 Pacific
Duration: 30 minutes +
No of observers: 2

Location: Cherry Valley, IL, USA

Shape: Orb

Pulsing light at irregular intervals in northern IL USA.

At around 10:45 PM CST, I happened to be up yet and noticed a pulsing light in the sky from my bed located mostly in the westward, to slightly north direction halfway above the horizon. What made me look twice and observe for over 15 minutes was that this object was emitting a pulse of light in an irregular interval as well as at different speeds. At some times, the object would emit a slower pulse of light lasting maybe a second, but then at other times the object would emit a more rapid pulse of light lasting maybe half the duration as the slow pulse. As I said, the emission of light was also seemingly irregular. It would emit light maybe every three to four seconds, and as rapidly as every two seconds, but mostly emit light in a slow manner.

When it traversed the sky it almost seemed to travel slightly more south-south-east rather than east as time went on. So, the point I’m getting at is that the orbit of this object didn’t seem to be in a straight line. I add this because we were starting to analyze the information and evidence at hand to determine if this was a satellite or not. I would imagine that a satellite would proceed in a straight line and not slightly deviate like this object was seeming to do. Also, we were considering that a rotating satellite may cause a reflection which would appear to be a burst of light like we were seeing, but not different pulse types unless in was rotating in multiple directions or out of control, which of course would be unlikely and not typical.

Finally, it did seem as I was watching this object further, that at times when it wasn’t emitting light that I could see a faint bit of light (perhaps sunlight bouncing off of it; which would suggest that this object was in orbit around Earth) and kind of follow it, but this wasn’t always true. The French doors I was watching this object through from bed is a typical place that I stare quite a bit before falling asleep. This is the first time I have seen anything like it. I would be curious if anybody else saw this or if there is an explanation to what I saw.

Thank you!

Posted 2018-04-13

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