NUFORC Sighting 13876

Occurred: 1997-10-15 00:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2000-08-22 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 5 MIN.
No of observers: 1

Location: Naalehu, HI, USA

Shape: Sphere

It looked like a natural object (for a meteor) but it didn't follow the laws of gravity

I live at the southern tip of of the Island of Hawaii.My line of sight is uninpeaded down hill about 4-5 miles to the pacific.I've live here almost 18 years and have never seen anything else like I'm about to describe. Around dusk on a monday night in Oct.(1997)I noticed a bright light bounced off of my bathroom door,I turned and looked out my window and saw the eastern part of the sky was lit up with sparkles just like thoses sparkles you buy for the 4th of july.My first reaction was it"s a metor,my second reaction was,holy shit their"s such a big part of the sky lit up should I be scared for my life ?Then all the sparkles went away(they lasted about 3-4-5 seconds).I turned to see if I could see any lights on in my neighbors house,couldn"t see any lights on,looked back out the window and was amazed to see a sphere that was a neon or luminesence green,it was traveling east to west.I could see the horizon line above it,I'm thinking it was a metor it's going to make a hell of a splash.I tried calling my neighbor while I still had my eye on it,nobody home so I hung up.While still watching it I grabbed my binaculars off the shelf by my picture window and walk out to the lanai set the binaculars on the railing so I could get a steady look.(It had traveled about a mile across the water and was still flying parallel to the horizon).When I looked through the binaculars I remember seeing what looked like a perfect sphere,I couldn't see any air currents,it looked like a natural object that had what looked like a chip in the whole upper right quadrant.I look through the binaculars for approx.1-1.5 minutes.It looked perfectly natural. The only thing is it never went down.I can see about 10miles in the direction it was traveling and it never went down,I watched it until it disappeared in the distance.It should have gone down and it was traveling parallel to the horizon,it just dosen't make sense .


Date is approximate. NUFORC may have received other, similar reports from Hawaii of objects seen over the ocean. PD

Posted 2000-08-25

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