Occurred: 1972-06-15 18:30:00 Local
Location: Danvers, MA, USA
Shape: Disk
Duration: 4-7 minutes
No of observers: 5
Reported: 2017-12-27 10:53:57 Pacific
Posted: 2018-01-12 00:00:00
Characteristics: Lights on object

Disk shaped UFO hovering at 500' with lights on bottom on Route 114 Danvers, Massachusetts 1972?

As a teenager, I went shopping at Northshore Shopping Center in Danvers. Started to head home at dusk, taking a left out of mall onto Route 114 -- but then pulled over within a couple of blocks to the side of the road to take a closer look at this low level hovering disk shaped aircraft There were 4 other cars pulled over already and I joined them-- we all looked at the UFO and discussed it for several minutes. Meanwhile normal mall traffic continued on 114.

The object was hovering silently and low nearly above us. it was disk shaped from where we stood, but saucer shaped seems likely as there were lights around the bottom of the craft. I guess that it was 500-1500 above us, slightly to the right and away, moving gently. Occupied maybe 25 degrees of view and with arms outstretched looked about 20' across-- which would make it perhaps 200' in actual diameter? Large enough to be a plane-- and it had lights, was solid and disk-shaped, may have been silver, but no other similarities.

AND IT MADE NO NOISE!! At least not that we could hear. Also it did not disturb the air or have any affect on ground from any air or em disturbances which was really hard to understand at all. Lights 'rotated' around the bottom and it was in no hurry staying their as we speculated out loud and verbally eliminated all possibilities of helicopters, balloons, planes or especially any 'natural phenomena'.

After a few minutes, it suddenly accelerated to the left and up, rapidly disappearing after a few seconds. None of us had much more to say and didn't think of anything to do-- just got back in our cars and left, I so wish we'd at least exchanged names and phone numbers. I went home to my family and siblings. Though I told them several times I don't think anyone listened much.

It has been nearly 50 years and though my memory cannot be sure of exact year never mind exact date (it could have been 1971 or 1973) I do know the time of evening, that it was comfortable outdoor weather and have a clear memory what we all saw and discussed. I am somewhat fuzzy though on the particulars of the lights on the bottom of the craft, which I remember as either moving or rotating around the base and I think were multiple colors.

For that summer I spent a lot of time looking for anything else in the skies but never saw anything more. But I've never forgotten and know what I saw could not be explained by any technology known by public. To this day I cannot think of a technology that could do what we saw this craft do. And I am a scientist (geophysicist and geologist) with decent knowledge of potential mechanisms--but none that allow free movement outside of electromagnetic field and with no sound or movement of things around them.

A follow-up is that my mom-- who is now 87 -- had a similar experience in the same general area 2 years ago and told me about it. She was on Route 495 a few miles away and described a similar disk with lights. Made me curious and I decided to add my report to your database. We don't know everything that is for sure.


Witness indicates that the date of the event is approximate. PD

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