NUFORC Sighting 136721

Occurred: 2017-08-25 20:30 Local
Reported: 2017-10-13 13:37 Pacific
Duration: 4 seconds
No of observers: 2

Location: Nageezi, NM, USA

Shape: Other

My wife and I do not want be public with our names and who we are. It seems since you already have my phone number. I would like to ask you to be discreet with the information you have already compiled. I do not have good health, and had a new heart valve put in last March. My wife and I are just a middle Grandmother and Grandfather. I’m a 100% disabled veteran since 2004. We are both 65 years of age. Please Respect that?

On Aug. 25th, 2017, at approximately 8:30 PM my wife and I were looking forward to getting to a location where we could get settled in for the night. We were riding in our 37 foot Diesel Pusher at a speed of about 60 miles per hour, slightly downhill, travelling Southeast on highway 550, and a few miles south of Napeezi, New Mexico. We had been talking about how the roads had changed 2 lanes to 4 lanes since the last time I had driven.

Out of nowhere I saw a light flash in front of me, it had come from my left. I instinctively looked to my left and I saw 2 creatures setting about 2 foot apart, very bright craft which was at my eye level while setting in the Motorhome.

I instantly seemed to take a mind picture of what I was seeing. At that time we were maybe 80 feet and gaining on their position. My first thought was is this real, the closer we got the more positive I was that what I was seeing was real when I made eye contact.

Some points I saw was; The craft did not appear to have a windshield.

The panel in behind the creatures gave off a very bright light, as did the floor and ceiling. It was as bright as a operating room under full lighting. There was as small stem that came up from the floor in front of the creatures. It stood about 40 inches out of the floor. It seemed to support a small control panel that was thinner the a carton of cigarettes. The guy on my left had his gopher looking hand resting on it.

The moment I saw them, the individuals were looking down the road as if looking for something to arrive. There was a truck coming up the hill toward us and about a 1/8th of a mile away. The craft seemed to swing and rotate from the shoulder on the other side to a lane away was at my side and maybe 20 foot away. Once they rotated enough that their faces was 180% to us, he saw us and disappeared. As we drove on down the hill I looked in my mirrors and side camera and didn’t see anything related to them after that.

A description of the creatures we witnessed: Both individuals had a skin tone about the same as mine, I’m a white male. They had large heads in a upside down teardrop shape, very large black eyes, a small mouth and 2 small holes for a nose. There were holes for the ears but only a nub for ears. Very much like the drawing you would see in Roswell, accept not green, but green uniforms. The one on the right had a very smooth face. The one on the left appeared to be older with facial lines. The one on my Left wrinkled his right side of his mouth when he saw me, but they were talking when we interrupted them.

I made eye contact with the one on my left and looked directly into his large black eye. His eye was the finest surface I had ever seen. The eye had no abrasions or scratches , no dust or mucus. I noticed that under the surface of this perfectly clear outer surface of the eye was a grid of many individual eyes, like a Fly’s Eye’s but much smoother super fine glass surface.

Their bodies where skinny and were illuminated with a greenish glowing uniform. Also there was roll type cuffs that also glowed, but was a beige.

They reminded me of stick people. The arms and the torso were slender and about the diameter of a very small child of 6 or 7 years of age.

The hands reminded me of the shape of gophers. But these creatures are large in height and reach, that hand appeared to me to be a lethal weapon.

Their torso was long and skinny and appeared to be weak if depended on. But I believe the suit they wear is their body strength.

The back wall is very hard to explain because I believe however they traveled was behind that wall. The wall was very brightly illuminated. It appeared to be divided into about 18 inch cubes but wasn’t, it was a flat surface. The light seemed to be boiling along the edges of each panel in the colors of light greenish, blue, violet. But the power heaved with its changes it seemed. The back panel was incredibly beautiful and something I’ll never forget it.

We could not see the outer body of the craft because we were looking into very bright light.

As for hearing anything, I felt I heard them communicating when we approached

Posted 2017-10-19

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