Occurred: 1998-01-24 15:20:00 Local
Location: Leander, TX, USA
Shape: Cylinder
Duration: 20 minutes
No of observers: 5
Reported: 2000-07-18 00:00:00 Pacific
Posted: 2000-07-23 00:00:00
Characteristics: Aircraft nearby

Day time UFO in Leander-TX seen by 5..

My brother called me to the backyard. Wife,son, and daughter arrived. We observed the object moving in a northern direction. It was a metallic cylinder object, 100 - 150 feet tall, that stayed vertical without any rotation such as would occur if any part was, or acted as, an axis. Was observed through binoculars. It traveled at a constant speed, which was slow enough that when we followed it, we stayed with it easily without breaking the speed limit. We followed it on US Hwy 183 heading north to 2243 E. We then traveled on 2243 E. and pulled off the road. It passed over us. We used binoculars to again observe it. We then commenced east again intending to go to IH 35 and intercept it again. A dark helicopter was observed flying from the south at a high speed and at an altitude of about 500 feet (unknown if involved in incident). A small, low flying Cessna Skyhawk 150 was making signals to possibly a ground crew (not believed involved in incident). A jet fighter using afterburners was heading southwest at possibly 20,000 (unknown if involved). No military base close. We traveled to IH 35 and looked about but found nothing. We traveled west on Hwy 29. Observed (3) jet aircraft that appeared to be going vertical in v formation, in a flight path that would intercept the object, had it continued in the same direction of travel last seen by us.


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