NUFORC Sighting 131154

Occurred: 2016-11-10 18:40 Local
Reported: 2016-11-10 19:47 Pacific
Duration: 1-2 minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Euless, TX, USA

Shape: Circle
Characteristics: Lights on object, Changed Color, Aircraft nearby

Bright red object in early night sky. Turned to purple moved horizontally and quickly vanished.

Event location: Euless Texas (just southwest of DFW Airport) Weather: Scattered high clouds but clear in the area of the observation Light: No external house lights on. Early evening just after sunset (dark) Observation: Looked to northern sky and saw a white object approaching. At first I thought it was an aircraft but then it stopped moving and held a fixed position. Seconds later, the object turned to a brilliant red light (no aircraft navigation lights or beacon).

Physical location of object from my position: It was 12 degrees (slightly east of north). The object was approximately at a 30-45-degree angle upward from my observation area. The object was west of the DFW airport and not in any known traffic pattern for DFW aircraft (west of approach/departure for runway 18L and 18R) DFW ATC: Arrivals from north and departures to south Observation: After approximately 30-45 seconds in a stationary position, the object changed color from brilliant red to purple (looked like a LED light).

Size of observed sighting: The object was smaller than the moon yet larger than a bright star. I compare the size to slightly smaller than my smallest fingernail.

Observation: Shortly after the object changed color to purple (approximately 5 seconds), it moved horizontally to the east toward DFW. The object did not move far (approximately 12 degrees to 20 degrees) and did not get close to DFW air traffic. Once again it stopped but was somewhat obscured from my view due to trees.

Observation: The object stayed in the obscured location for a very short time (maybe 3 seconds) and then appeared to move upward and north at a fast pace until it was out of sight.

Notifications: Contacted a former college who works with DFW ATC. Contacted local media KTVT at 7:10PM. Reported event to UFO Center via telephone. FYI- media asked for a photo or video (no time to think fast enough to get a camera). Media stated they could not report on the event without any physical evidence.

Total event time: 6:40PM for approximate 1.5 to 2 minutes (was hard to tell how long exactly).

My background: 40 years aviation (Operational Control, Emergency Response, Internal Evaluation, Airport Management). Private pilot and aviation safety consultant.


Yes, I did report it to the media (KTVT TV CBS affiliate DFW) but they said it would not be shared on the news without a photo or video. I told them that I just wanted the sighting on record in the event others call them with a similar observation.

I failed to mention the distance away in my report. Because of the darkness, it was very difficult to estimate the distance and accurately state the size of the object.

Thanks for the good work your team is doing. Maybe someday we will learn
more about unexplainable sightings such as this. I can assure you this is
an event I will not forget.



We spoke via telephone with the witness, and he sounded to us to be a highly qualified, and credible, witness. PD

Posted 2016-11-11

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