NUFORC UFO Sighting 128253

Occurred: 2010-02-08 02:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2016-07-04 19:04 Pacific
Duration: 1 hour
No of observers: 1

Location: Hancock, ME, USA

Shape: Cylinder
Characteristics: Landed, Possible abduction

Elderly woman nearly 100 years of age reports being floated out to vehicle at night by three tall "doctors."

My mother passed away a few years ago at 102 years of age. All her life she was a very serious person with virtually no sense of humor. Although I could occasionally make her laugh with a joke, she would never joke herself. Watching comedies on TV for her, at least by watching her reactions, was no different from watching a business show. She took everything with the utmost seriousness and never made up stories. As a child I was not allowed to read Winnie the Pooh which she thought was silly. Also she literally "hated" cartoons. She worked as an editor for 30 years or more.

My mother told me one time that she had seen an unusual light outside her window. When I asked for details, she almost immediately became defensive as if she thought I did not believe her. At the time, she said it was very unusual and looked like a spacecraft; that is all I recall about that incident, which occurred back in the 1980s I believe.

The second time was different. (These events are the only two unusual events she ever reported to me.) I came into the house one morning and my sister said, Mom, tell him what happened. So she told me that she had been in bed asleep but was awakened by three tall men in the room. She said they were quite tall, with large eyes(?) and she assumed they were doctors. She said they had robes or gowns on as if it was a medical team. They seemed to be explaining something to her and made her feel calm about the situation, similar to the way a good doctor would do in a hospital examination setting. Then she said they took her out into the yard to a "bus" or some kind of vehicle; they did this by "floating" her out of the room, thru the large sliding doors which were closed (and remained closed as they did this so that she was somehow moved through the material of the door and glass etc.). Then she was on board a bus or large vehicle of some kind. Other people wer! e on it also, and everyone seemed to be relaxed and comfortable as if going on a voyage or day trip; there was no fear involved. She said the journey was very interesting and informative but she did not recall exact details. She said they brought her back the same way. (At the time, my mother was bedridden and would occasionally fall and was in danger that way, so we always kept a beeper alarm on her for safety.) I asked her to tell me again about the "doctors" and she repeated that they were tall and seemed to talk with her without moving their lips but they conversed with her in English and she understood them perfectly. She did not say they had hair or hats or anything and it was hard to get her to clarify that kind of thing.

Then I said, okay, so were these doctors like about 4 feet tall with big eyes and with no hair? and she said, "No, *those are the ones who work with you.*" When she said that I was absolutely astounded because she said it so seriously as if she knew about it, whereas I know of no such beings "working with me." And you have to remember again that my mother never joked or made up stories as long as she was alive. It just was not in her to do that. As for "science fiction," she simply called it "a contradiction in terms." (Her father was a university professor in mining engineering.) She knew that I was interested in UFOs; but when I discussed it with her, she had little interest; one time she explained to me that she felt about the ancient Egyptians & pyramids the same way I felt about UFOs, she was obsessed with the art & culture of ancient Egypt, the architecture and so forth. I had discussed the "ancient astronauts" ideas wi! th her which she found somewhat interesting. But these events happened at a time of her life when she was becoming more and more somnolent so that it was generally hard to catch her interest with much of anything. The point being that she was definitely not a "UFO buff," nor did she seek to view UFOs or watch UFO related movies and reports. Those things didn't grab her at all.

She never discussed this event further with me but my sister and I felt that it was a positive experience for her, as if it showed her there was something real in the afterlife (which I also believe, but never tried pushing this belief on her--she was always an atheist or agnostic even though we did pray at bedtime some when we were children and she taught us the Lord's Prayer, which her mom probably taught her).

Posted 2016-07-08

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