Occurred: 1991-06-25 14:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2016-03-10 20:16 Pacific
Duration: Few minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Jeffersonville, IN, USA

Shape: Circle
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Changed Colo


UFO AERIAL PHENOMENOM SIGHTING IN EARLY 90s Daytime sighting of a multi-colored object, Vanishing, reappearing, and shooting through sky in every direction Indiana, (Jeffersonville) Exact date of this sighting is unknown, I was close to the age of Ten years old. So it would have been close to early 90s. During late afternoon, clear blue skies, no storms, no clouds anywhere.

It was a sunny clear day, while playing outside of my grandparents house. I was with my younger brother, he would have been around six years old. We were playing with a large bouncy ball. I remember watching as the ball rolled down the yard towards the street stopping just before going into the street. My brother walked over picked it up, I will never forget watching him as he stood there with our ball looking up at the sky, he was motionless.

As I walked over to my brother starring upwards, he asked me whats that? As I looked his direction of his gaze, there in the sky at about a 45° angle appeared to be a star like object. The object was the size and shape of our brightest star you can see in our night sky. The star like object was white and motionless, and I remember saying to my brother, "It’s a star." But then I thought its daytime, I've never seen a star during the day.

After about 30 seconds, the object began slowly flashing or changing its color from white, to red, blue, green, yellow, purple, and orange. Each changing color lasted about two seconds, and it almost seemed to pulse these colors, as they appeared to get brighter in between colors.

So while watching this object slowly start to flash this vivid spectrum of colors, it began to slowly fade out. It did not fade out quickly, it took maybe ten seconds or so. Only the very split second this object was not there anymore, something caught my eyes In a different part of the sky.

The object was first seen while facing a north east direction, as soon as it faded out I could see it in a Southern direction slowly appearing, just as it slowly faded out, it slowly appeared the same way. We watched as this object did this vanishing act three more times. Almost losing sight of it, I couldn’t see it anymore my brother said, "there it is". A large tree was obstructing our view of it, and as soon as I looked it was fading out again.

After the last fade out behind the tree, it then returned to its orginal point in the sky where we had first seen this strange object. It then began to start flashing its colors again, only this time the flashing or pulsing of these lights were much, much faster. Flashing different colors at around three colors a second.

Then while watching it violently flash these bright colors, It all the sudden just went crazy is best described. Its hard to convey while writing what this object started doing. It just shot off moving every direction at once, Traveling huge distances in the blink of an eye. Within just a few seconds it had traveled almost my entire field of view, but not just from left to right, but going left, right, up, down, and every angle in between.

This really scared us, when it started zig zagging. I remember my brother turning away from it and running back to the house screaming "mom". I also remember running back up the driveway scared as well. Only I stopped at the top of the driveway, while my brother ran inside. I stopped and turned back around to this object that was still zig zagging every which direction. Hearing the front door slam shut behind me, as I continued to watch this weird thing.

The last thing I remember seeing, was this object making its crazy impossible maneuvers. and it slamming to a stop, then shooting straight up at a slight angle, and appeared to leave our atmosphere.

Now here comes the weird part, I was around 10 years old, my brother was only six years old. My brother still remembers this very clearly, even though he was at a very young age. Somehow I had forgotten this memory completely, untill about seven years ago, while talking to my brother on the phone one night. He was at our parents house, and telling me that he was telling our mom about the U.F.O we saw as kids. I remember laughing and saying U.F.O? Yeah you don’t remember "NO" All he had to say was " you don’t remember playing outside of our grandparents and seeing that star?".

OH MY GOD, STILL TO THIS DAY I HAVE NEVER HAD SOMETHING COME OVER ME THAT STRONG AND INTENSE. After hearing him ask me about the star, It felt like a lightning bolt hit the top of my head, and slowly went through my entire body all the way to my feet. I stopped my brother in mid sentence of asking about the star and I remembered it all. Every detail recalling way more than he could remember.

This memory is so strong and vivid, how could I have forgotten this amazing aerial phenomenom. I am Thirty four now, so from age ten, age I witnessed this up until my brother tells me over the phone, I was twenty seven. Seventeen years passed and I had somehow had forgotten all of this. It doesn’t make sense to me because I can clearly remember this event, every little detail.

So after recalling this amazing experience, and researching, studying, filming, I am left with more questions than answers. I think about that object every day, because it was so extra ordinary, and have come to this conclusion. I know what I saw that day, but I do not know what it was. This was NOT a plane, a star, a comet, or weather phenomenom. I have lived here my entire life, normal upbringing, planes have always flown day and night because of U.P.S in Louisville KY. So im aware of planes and what they look and sound like. Stars don’t behave in this fashion, comets don’t make sudden stops and disappear and reappear in different points in the sky and they do not zig zag every direction in a split second. Weather phenomenom like ball lighting, is only seen while a storm is in close proximity. These are facts.

So I am left asking myself what did I see that day as a young child? Could it be military? I guess, but what kind of pilot could survive the intense G forces that this object was making during its "crazy" maneuvers. So I am left to ask what else could this have been? I am a very normal hard working family man. I don’t like jumping to conclusions on anything, I am very rational thinking, and always assume the most obvious in different solutions. I have to look at what this object was Not, then rule them out. Aliens, I don’t know, I never seen aliens. I have heard a lot about project blue beam fake alien invasions, and this is a possibility, I cannot rule it out because this could explain the crazy maneuvers.

I am left with either military, aliens, or the military using projections of u.f.os. I understand this is my experience, and for others only a story but, WOW. This thing witnessed is the holy grail of experiences that people go out and look for and probably will never see. If I were able to go outside right now, and see this again. Get a camera and record on film the details I have shared with you, people would watch and probably immediately think that’s fake or a hoax. Because of how odd this thing acted and the light speed that this object was able to make. So let me tell you while watching videos on the internet, I am still trying to find a similar sighting like my own. And when I see these crazy videos that look fake I always keep an open mind. Because people would not believe what I have seen.


Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD

Posted 2016-03-11

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