NUFORC Sighting 124561

Occurred: 2015-12-07 02:00 Local
Reported: 2015-12-07 04:18 Pacific
Duration: 1 hour

Location: Johannesburg (South Africa), , South Africa

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Possible abduction

Abduction event by Greys in Johannesburg South Africa.


Last night, or rather this morning, at around 2am, my partner experienced an abduction, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

She was asleep, and found herself searching, for something unknown.

Then, she 'knew' that there was something, that came from the earth, that resembled a square mist, that had copper strands inside it.

She remembered that this thing became visible, and she was devastated, because she would then not be able to reach the perfect stuff. She got upset and tried to awaken me, I just lay still.

Then, she accompanied her 'young Grey', and recalls floating above flowers and grass, a small patch, and then came face to face with an older, very large Grey. She called him Wisdom.

He then, telepathically spoke. She told him what's she saw and what happened with the mist thing..

He told her: " We, (referring to himself and the others behind him, and to me ((name deleted)),) can NEVER become tainted. Never ever." She felt intense overwhelming feeling of love, and he took her hand, opened it, and put in a necklace with an infinity sign, which shone brightly and was covered in darkness. He then said, "You may go now." She then, accompanied by her younger Grey, left to go back to bed. She then woke up.

This was a full recollection of the abduction of this morning, and a message from the Greys.

Posted 2015-12-10

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