NUFORC Sighting 123987

Occurred: 1997-03-14 01:10 Local
Reported: 2015-11-11 13:51 Pacific
Duration: 3-4 minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Tucson (southwest of town), AZ, USA

Shape: Disk
Characteristics: Lights on object, Landed

Creature attempted to enter house.

This event occurred at about 1:10 AM on March 14, 1997, about 18 miles southwest of Tucson, Arzona. At that time, I was a 42 year old electronic engineer. who operated a small home business, doing contract jobs for various clients. I had lived in Tucson for some time, and felt that the city was too noisy for me to concentrate on my work. I wanted to live in a quiet rural area where I would not be disturbed, and in 1996 I purchased a house in a sparsely populated area southwest of town.

I had a neighbor across the road from me, and there was an unoccupied house furthur to the north. My property extended about 100 feet from the front of the house, and then there was a barbed wire fence. It had 5 wires, the top one being about 4 feet high. It was usually quite dark at night out there, however I had installed some floodlights on the front of the house, which I could turn on if needed.

I went to bed around 10 PM, March 13, and was sleeping soundly when the event began.

I was awakened around 1:10 AM, March 14, by the sound of someone attempting to open the bedroom window, about 6 feet away from me. The sound was like nails on a blackboard. The window was on the front of the house, and consisted of double-pane glass with track-locks on it, and a set of blinds which were closed. Although I could not see who was trying to get in, I had a profound feeling of being in danger... as if whoever was outside specifically intended to do something bad to me. I've always had a good sensitivity to the feelings of people and animals, and I was confident that what I felt was genuine.

As quickly as I could, I rolled out of bed, away from the direction of the window, and grabbed a 12 gauge shotgun from the closet. At this time my emotions changed from fear to intense anger and a strong determination to kill the attempted intruder, if he got in. I pumped a shell into the chamber, which made an audible noise, then ran to the living room window, which was only about 10 feet from the bedroom window, also on the front of the house. That was where the switch for the floodlights was located.

I hit the switch, and was totally shocked when I saw a creature, which was now moving away from the house towards the fence. I got a pretty good look at the back of it, for about 5 seconds. It was definitely not human. It was about 6-7 feet tall and had a large head, similar in shape to a football helmet. It was very thin and the arms were quite long. It wasn't exactly running, but it was moving smoothly and very quickly.

It reached the fence in just a few seconds, and then, without slowing down, it jumped right over it, like a hurdle jumper in the Olympics, and kept on going. It continued down to the wooded area where the unoccupied house was, and within about 30 seconds I saw a disk shaped object rise up from there, and move off towards the south.

It was about 30-40 feet in diameter and passed by the front of my house at a distance of about 130 feet, about 60-80 feet above the ground. It had steady yellow-redish lights on the bottom of it and made no sound that I could hear.

I mentally collapsed into a state of total shock and an overwhelming feeling of fear. All I could think of was what might happen if it came back. I spent the rest of the night hiding behind a couch in the living room, clutching the shotgun.

When the sun began to come up, I started to come to my senses. I carefully went outside and looked around. Everything seemed normal, except that by my bedroom window I found some footprints. There hadn't been much rain and the ground was rather hard, but a few of the impressions were fairly clear. The prints were about 10-11 inches in length, very thin, and with 3 large toes.

I decided to go to a hardware store and get some bolt locks to secure the doors. This I did, and on the way back I stopped at a small cafe a few miles from my house, to pick up some coffee and breakfast. I entered the cafe, ordered some food, and then noticed that a casual friend of mine was there. He lived in a trailer a few miles to the south of me. When I saw him I simply said "Man, something really weird happened last night," and he replied, "You're not kidding... a UFO came up the canyon".

I was startled to hear that, and asked him, "What time?" and he replied, "about a quarter past 1." When he said that, I panicked and left the cafe without even taking my coffee or food. (Several months later I actually tried to find him, to ask him for more details, but I was told he had left the area back in March...immediately after the event had occurred.) Anyway, I returned to the house, and installed the locks on the doors. The following day I went into town and purchased a bunch of heavy plywood, and boarded up every window in the house.

I considered reporting the incident, but I was doing some electronic design work for the military, and I was afraid that I might be typed as a lunatic or a security risk and lose my clearance... and in addition, I simply had no desire to talk about it.

Posted 2015-11-12

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