NUFORC Sighting 122640

Occurred: 2015-10-08 10:05 Local
Reported: 2015-10-08 21:36 Pacific
Duration: 20 seconds
No of observers: 2

Location: Fresno, CA, USA

Shape: Teardrop

Mass sighting of 30 to 40 black objects over Fresno, CA.

Thursday October 8, 2015. At 10:05 am, my wife and I were traveling on Freeway 180, between Fowler and Clovis Avenues, about a mile south of Fresno-Yosemite airport in rural Fresno, CA.

In the clear sky about what we thought to be a mile or two west of the airport, out of our front window we saw about thirty to forty black objects maybe more stretching across the sky. We viewed them for about ten seconds until our line of sight was blocked by huge winery tanks off the freeway. As an estimate this fragmented formation could have been up to a mile in length moving across the sky in a slow hovering motion. The largest body of the grouping was closest to us and narrowing down in size as it distanced away.

My first impression was a mass parachute dropping near the airport? A few seconds later driving past the tanks the sky opened, and again we saw them but now they were clumped together in a tighter formation.

After again losing sight as the freeway dropped behind the trees I rushed ahead for about a minute, to where the freeway was above the trees giving us a full view of the north west sky. To our amazement there was nothing, only helicopter circling above and a black SUV off the freeway with the two occupants looking up with one pointing to the western sky. I assure you these were no parachutes or birds, but something I have never witnessed before.

If my judgment of distance was correct they had to be at least the size of a small airplane. If they were actually farther away they were then much larger. This formation was not like one you would normally see displayed by an air force flight but that of a semi-scattered group in closer proximity to each other but yet looking fragmented and not necessarily pointed in exactly the same direction.

Trying to determine their shape and size was a bit confusing as they first appeared to be more square on the left end and sloping down on the right. Like a fat eyebrow to even perhaps a delta look, but their shapes, though seeming somewhat uniform, were not. Trying to get my mind to focus on them was strange to say the least, as if they were trying to change bits of their shapes as I watched.

I called the airport tower spokesman asking if they had seen anything as such and he said he wasn’t on duty this morning and there was no report. The Tower spokesman then gave me the number to the UFO center and encouraged me to call.

I am a 1967-69 Army veteran and retired fire captain and have never before witnessed such a sight.

Incredible …

Posted 2015-10-09

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