NUFORC UFO Sighting 11980

Occurred: 1985-06-30 20:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2000-02-12 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 1:40 in total
No of observers: 3

Location: White Plains, NY, USA

Shape: Chevron
Characteristics: Lights on object

A nighttime sighting of an arrow or triangle shaped craft, which moved very slowly, almost hovering, with no noise.

The living room in my parents apartment, where I was at the time, faced east, or slightly northeast. I was lying on the floor watching television, when above the hills to the northeast I noticed a far off light, or lights. This was not at all unusual, as we lived near an airport, and planes flew near us all the time. While I was watching television, I noticed that the lights appeared to be getting ever so brighter a little at a time. They were obviously moving toward me as I watched them, yet at the same time it was taking an inordinate amount of time to do so. As the lights got gradually brighter, it was obvious theat they were moving toward us at an extremely slow rate. I wondered about this, and remember thinking to myself that if this was an airplane, it was going unbelievably slow. The time was about 8:00 pm. I finally got up and went to the window for a closer look, and although you could tell it was moving toward you, movement at all was almost impossible to detect. When the object finally made it's way close enough to be overhead, I went out to take a look at it. As it passed overhead, we noticed a distinct "V" shape to the formation. Again, it moved at an incredibly slow pace. The best way I can describe it is to say that if you look at the minute hand of a clock, it is difficult to actually see it move. You can if you stare closely, but if you look at the clock, then look away and look back, you will notice that the hand has moved. It was alnost the same with these lights. Movement was almost undetectable while staring at it, but after a few minutes, you noticed it had moved. Anyway, I remember commenting at the time that I heard no sound at all, not even a hovering noise. Some people say it was light aircraft in formation, but I really doubt it. There was absolutely no "play" in between the lights. In other words, When airplanes fly in formation, there is some variation in movement between them as they go along. There was no evidence of that at all. One truly had the feeling that this was one structure. Also, there was no sound, and while going overhead, it practically hovered. We watched the lights as they moved southwest, and then lost sight of them. Thinking it was over, we went about out business. At about 9:20 pm, I left the house to meet a friend of mine. I walked out of the apartment and up the driveway, when I was visually struck by what you see in figure 3 in my illustration. As I turned up the driveway, the lights were right in front of me (and above). I don't know if I can relate the size of it, or how wide it spanned, in writing. It was no longer a "V" shape, which could be attributed to the angle at which I was viewing it. I actually had to turn my head from side to side to see it all. It was huge. I immediately ran back to the house to alert my parents. As near as I can figure, based on the distance away our apartment was, to run back inside, tell my parents, and return with my father, would have taken about 45 seconds to a minute. In this time, when I looked up again, I saw NO discernible movement in the lights. Thay seemed to be right where they were when I first ran back inside. This again made me realize they were not airplanes. My dad and I watched them for about 15-20 minutes more, as they traveled in a northerly direction. As they moved, we were in a position to view what would have been the "back" of it. I then noticed that as it made it's way north, the light (or "a" light) from the back shot forward in a bee line to the front of the formation. Then the lights slowly proceeded north until out of sight.

Posted 2000-02-16

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