Occurred: 1992-10-01 01:30:00 Local
Location: Echo Summit (Sierra At Tahoe Ski Area), CA, USA
Shape: Sphere
Duration: 90 seconds
No of observers: 1
Reported: 2000-01-21 00:00:00 Pacific
Posted: 2000-01-22 00:00:00
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object

This was an object that could hover stationary and then accelerate to 2,000 mph or possibly much higher... it would move instantaneously with a blur of speed to a point 30º to 90º across the night shy. I lived on air bases all my life- please read the following information. I have sent this stuff the Art Bell... this WAS REAL. It was NOT FROM THIS WORLD !!!

Dear Whitley, (I also sent this to Art.) I am in a most unique position. I have been observing the night sky since 1983 from a snowcat in the high Sierras. Where I am, from midnight to morning, there is no light pollution. I have seen some extraordinary night- sky natural phenomena that were quite spectacular- I would love to tell you about them. I once saw a Macy’s- sized chunk of ice light up the entireTahoe basin a cobalt blue as bright as day… it must have been as big as an iceberg… skipped across the upper atmosphere in a swath of cobalt- blue light spewing green and gold sparks. Rock and metal, I imagine… the ionizing H2O lit the night sky like a magnesium flare. I was perched on a crag of rock at the top of Echo Summit kicking back in my Bombardier snowcat at the top of Sierra At Tahoe ski area taking a break and watching the comet two years ago… when this GIANT meteorite- if you could call it that, it had to be almost all ice-gouged it’s way sluggishly across the top of the atmosphere… Though spectacularly beautiful, such sights do not make the spine tingle and the skin crawl, the hair stand on end..…but I saw something that did one night, and that story follows… Please read this letter. I think you will find it interesting- I love Dreamland- I am fascinated by the people who call in who have seen UFO’s- because I had an amazing encounter with one, and so did my father, who was a United Airlines pilot for thirty years. I never DREAMED I would have such an experience. My God, when it happens to YOU it changes the way you look at the night sky FOREVER. As you will read, the craft I saw could not even be from our corner of this solar system, as it defied the local constants of physics completely. Here are my stories. Absolutely true. They read like installment- articles because they were posts I made to a together-list on the net. If you think it would be of interest to your listeners, I would enjoy talking to you on the air about my years in cats at night in the high Sierra. I am articulate and though this is not the same, perhaps, as being an abductee, still, my range of night sky observations make for interesting listening. Call me if you’d like to talk about it. I enjoy relating the stories. In January of 1992 I was sitting in my Bombardier snowcat on a run at Sierra at Tahoe, Echo Summit, Hwy. 50, South Lake Tahoe. It was around 3AM, I was making snow on Broadway. I was rested, had NOT been drinking or taking any kind of mind- altering substances !!! I am NOT a recreational drug user! I was facing to the east... the night sky was very dark and clear, with almost no light coming up from the Tahoe Basin, which was about ten miles to the east. I saw an oddly bright orange ball of fire coming up in the direction of the basin...it had unusual detail in the corona, kind of a flickering. I thought about it and decided I was looking at the exhaust of a large jet taking off out of Tahoe airport and flying directly away from me... thus the orange ball of fire. It did occur to me as odd, because large jets had ceased regular service to Tahoe several months earlier. It was raising up quite quickly...then it abruptly- and by abruptly, I mean instantaneously! took off north at a speed that made it a streak of bright orange fire. Then it stopped of a dime, hovered motionless for a second, then proceeded to do a number of these maneuvers over the next sixty seconds. I got the major willies. I was not scared, but I knew that nothing any human could build in THIS age could withstand those kind of forces- OR accelerate with the speed of the USS Enterprise going into Warpdrive. I jumped out of my cat almost instantly, looking all around to see if there were any other sources of light that could have caused a reflection on the inside of my windshield- but there weren't, and there it was, still making the same movements. I would guess from the detail and from the fact that it was to my side of a couple of peaks in the far off distance that it was three to five miles away... Then it shot straight down out of sight- and reappeared a few seconds later, shot up to about 5,000 feet above me- hovered for a minute, then instantly rose at a speed beyond anything previous, shooting straight up into the sky on a pillar o! f orange light that looked like a neon tube, and kept going, right on out of the atmosphere. I could see it for a long time, it was visible all the way out of the atmosphere. I had tried to call another cat operator to check it out but he was out of his cat at the time and busy with the snowgun he was running and did not look up. However, I was to learn this last year that I am not the only one in the Tahoe basin to see this type of craft. During my sighting of this orange fiery object, the manuevers it performed gave me the willies- I was not fearful, the thing was a long way off- but it was covering a lot of miles on it's one-second trajectories. It moved across the night sky approximately 40 to 60 degrees...left to right, right to left, with huge altitude changes, and some of it's movements were shorter and more nearly vertical. I could not think of any possible reason for these weird manuevers. It was moving so fast that there was no real appreciable acceleration or deceleration... it was stationary, then there was a streak of orange light, then it was stationary somewhere else for a moment. I was very happy and excited to witness this. I always wondered if maybe I would see some strange phenomenon in the sky, being up in a cat on the top of the Sierra where visibility is so good, but never thought I would see anything so clearly impossible by present human technological standards... and never before or since have I seen anything so wild.. Four months after the UFO sighting in 1992, I went to a local pizza parlor where a friend was putting on the showing of a Christic Institute film called "the secret war", narrated by Elizabeth Montgomery (see it if you ever have the chance- it's about the Iran Contra affair) and at the show was a very odd, spooky looking guy who said nothing until everyone was on the verge of leaving, then asked if he could have a moment to speak to everyone. He admitted that he was not there for the movie, but rather, wanted to know if anyone present had seen any ufo's in the Tahoe Basin... I thought about that for a moment and went over and said, yes, I had. He then asked me if it had been coming from the direction of the lake. I said it seemed to be...HE THEN ASKED ME IF IT WAS AN ORANGE BALL OF LIGHT. I said, yes.... WAS IT MAKING JERKY MOVEMENTS. I got the willies all over again! I looked more closely at this guy... tall, thin, gaunt, wild- eyed, looked like he had been maybe had a real bad fright he never got over… Spooky... I asked him, how the HELL did you know WHAT I SAW? He said,that's what EVERYBODY'S BEEN SEEING. Turns out he had seen one like mine a couple of years earlier and had been so affected by it that he had been traveling around the Lake Tahoe Basin asking people about sightings, and he had come up with a bunch of people who had all observed similar craft- coming out of the lake or from near the lake, orange- white balls of fire, jerky, high- acceleration movement and eventual flight straight up. He asked me if I wanted to know why they made the jerky movements. He said he had talked to people from Nevada who “knew about these things”... said the air force & CIA had learned from the Roswell craft that the controls in these things were bioelectronic, that the beings set their hands into little recesses in the seats and interfaced their own nervous systems into the craft's guidance systems, which were part-biological, and that focussed microwave beams could disrupt and disable the craft- and that the ! operator s did these maneuvers in order to avoid being shot down! Well, I don't know if I believe that. for one thing, why couldn't they just go blazing straight out of the atmosphere at a zillion knots, that should be sufficient to avoid being shot down. But I do know this- I know what I saw that night, and it was not of this planet. No human- OR human machine- could take such forces without becoming pate’... and no structure running under the known physical constants of our little part of the universe could suffer such G forces without turning into little pieces of scrap metal. It seems to me that these things carry around with them the local constants of some other part of the universe. In fact, I have a friend who works for the air force at Edwards who wires obsolete fighters to be used as drones to be shot down by pilots in gunnery school who told me about the Aurora project... 9G's, but pilotless... flies on some kind of propane pulse engine... it's what they've been seeing and hearing in LA, the things that leave the smoke rings up high in the sky... and that is a primitive and slow craft compared to what I saw that night. This last winter, I started at Sierra and had been working for a few weeks...while in the cat barn, I heard a couple of snowmakers talking...one of them said, "Keep your eyes out for those "UFO'S" Chuck, the security guard, has been seeing! Yeah, said he saw some BIG ORANGE BALLOF FIRE MAKING JERKY MOTIONS IN THE SKY...Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!” I turned around and said, WHAT DID YOU SAY!!! WHO saw this! They told me and I tracked him down... a retired man who works at Sierra as a security guard... turned out he and his wife were on the deck of their house last summer off of North Upper Truckee Road, looking south toward Meiss Meadow... which puts their sighting about the same place MINE was, - TRIANGULATION tells us more accurately where the things seem to be coming from- and he described the EXACT SAME THING I SAW. IDENTICAL. He was worried about me telling people, he didn't want people at Sierra to know, he was afraid they'd think him crazy. What I have related here is all true. SOMEthing IS going on !!! I can't BELIEVE we humans fly around in machines that can do what I saw that night. I DON'T think that it's US. It's THEM. Whoever they are...I just hope- they're friendly. “My father was a pilot for United Airlines for 29 years... once he returned home with a wild story about seeing a UFO... and here it is. My father is a very humorless and pragmatic individual who never had much interest in gags or jokes... so I was interested to hear his tale of seeing a UFO once in 1970...I was fourteen... he came back from a flight and told me this story... "We were enroute from Chicago to LaGuardia when ground control advised us to be on the lookout for a large object that was on their radar and had been observed by several airliners in the area...as we got closer to the object we picked it up on our screen... we had a United VicePresident aboard, a captain, co- pilot,(my dad) second officer(engineer) and four stewardesses...all of whom saw the object-There were two other airliners watching the thing when we got visual on It. It had been doing high- speed erratic manuevers but was stationary when we got it on radar... then it started pacing us, staying several miles ahead and to the right...then ground control asks us, is it still there? It just went off of our screen! Right out of the MIDDLE of the screen...We had it in visual contact, as did another aircraft, but it just blinked off of everyone's radar, one by one...we were most interested in it at that point...then it shot across our flight path to our port side, and it was so fast you almost couldn't see it, just a blur...then it paced us for a while on our port side...it was a large sphere,maybe a hundred feet across or bigger...it had a green light on top and a red light on the bottom, both lights alternately tracing a path around the perimeter of the body of the craft, the green doing a half-circle across the top, left to right, the red doing an arc across the bottom half, right to left...then it shot at us at perhaps 2000- 3000 miles per hour, passing under us to our left perhaps several hundred yards below us. The shock wave rattled the airplane violently, as if we had hit a huge air pocket..." About a week after my father came home with this story, a letter marked 'confidential' came in the mail from the air force. My father was out of town on a flight. I was very curious to know if it had anything to do with his sighting. I opened it. (I knew he wouldn't care) It requested my father to attend a meeting in Manhattan in a week to discuss the sighting and it specified that he was not allowed to discuss the sighting with ANYONE, including family. This confirmed to me that he had seen what he said he did.Then, the capper: in 1993, I was watching a special, a Sixty-Minutes sort of thing on UFO's, and there was one segment that went as follows: in 1970, two airforce fighter pilots were scrambled over Norad in the Rockies to check out a large UFO which was in Norad airspace and not responding to identification requests. Both of these pilots, since retired, were able to get fairly close to the thing before it took off at a zillion miles an hour...they said, (and it was another of those getting- the- willies- moments) it was a large sphere with a green and red light, both moving in a semicircle around it, alternating left to right. They saw exactly what my father saw, same year, same continent, just 1800 miles away... This was the story he told us, my mom and me. I was very surprised and as it was extremely out of character for him to make up a story like this, I believed he had seen SOMEthing....

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