NUFORC Sighting 117217

Occurred: 2015-02-07 02:41 Local
Reported: 2015-02-07 03:36 Pacific
Duration: 40 minutes
No of observers: 4

Location: Novato, CA, USA

Shape: Sphere
Characteristics: Lights on object, Animals reacted

Waves of what looked like constellations of stars traveling successively from one side of the sky over the horizon. Came from the west.

at 2:41am, my fiancee and I were using the google sky app to try to identify strange star formations, and the google sky app wasn't able to identify the constellations we were seeing. Then, we realized that the supposed constellations were moving from southwest, coming from the direction of the coast, and moving across the sky toward north east. We realized that the entire constellation had moved from one part of the sky, directly over us, and continued moving in formation until we could no longer see them. Waves of what looked like constellations or formations of flying stars kept coming from the southwest and crossing the entire sky, all passing over us. It took roughly five minutes for each wave of them to appear and cross over the entire skyline. However, there was one brighter "star", and once it crossed above us, it seemed to go only a few more degrees toward the northeast, until it hovered in place, then seemed to go back and forth as to stay visible to the new waves of "star" or craft formations that appeared. it would get up to 80% brighter than it's original appearance, as if it was guiding the waves of flying "star formations" that continued to appear from the southwest and travel to the northeast. We went and got our mom and her boyfriend after 2 minutes of witnessing the first wave of stars, which we thought was a constellation-but once it was over the house we realized it was moving and brought them outside. After that, we witnessed at least 6-7 formations moving across the entire sky-each had approximately 6-9 stars in formation with each wave. It looked as if Cassiopeia started to move and cross the sky, with a wave of more cassiopeia constellations successively moving across the sky. There was a lot of fog, but the moving "stars" would go behind the fog and emerge so that we could see that they had traveled and kept their momentum while continuing to fly in the! direction of the one bigger, brighter craft. They were all s! ilent.

With the exception of the bigger "star" that seemed to oscillate within a small area of the sky to stay somewhat in one place as its lights grew brighter, none of the other starlike craft grew brighter. All maintained a veritable "starlike" lighted appearance. Again, no noise heard at all, no blinking red lights, and they were all way too close together to be actual airplanes. I have never seen 40 planes so close together and all traveling the same altitude, the same direction, and without any noise or without some kind of blinking identifying light for safety, especially on a foggy night. Each time the fog and clouds had a break, you would see more and more of these moving constellations, all following the brighter craft. The brighter craft seemed to have illuminated its sides, and looked triangular. However, you could only see this feature when it increased its brightness every few minutes, as if to light the way for the next wave of craft. I tri! ed to take a video with my iPad, but it captured blackness. someone please let me know the best equipment for filming at night. Please! Thanks!

Posted 2015-02-12

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