NUFORC Sighting 116497

Occurred: 2004-02-15 08:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2015-01-03 23:39 Pacific
Duration: 3 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Hartford, KY, USA

Shape: Unknown

Metallic objects following the ISS.

I filed a report about a sighting I had at Tybee Island tonight, and I was doing so I wanted to report something strange my daughter and I saw in 2004. She lived in Ohio County Kentucky near Hartford. I can't recall the zip code now.

At any rate I have always tracked the International Space Station and receive alerts when it is in our area. I live in Utica, Ky, about 13 miles from where my daughter did live at the time. I happened to be at her home this particular morning early and remembered the ISS would be coming over around 8 AM.

I stepped out on the porch and waited and recognized it once it came in view. The sun wasn't totally up but the sky was light. This was one of the longest views I'd ever had of it as it crossed the sky in front of her home. I noticed something strange behind it that I had never seen before. It was metallic and then realized there were two of these objects.

Neither object wavered or danced in the sky but steadily followed along some distance behind the ISS. I'd seen the ISS many times both at night and during the day and this seemed strange to me. I called for my daughter to come out and she saw them also. What interested me was the steady motion in which they moved..the fact that they seemed to be on course with the ISS. They weren't large enough to see first hand what they were but it was quite curious. I mentioned that it seemed odd something was following the ISS in a perfect line and was prob much farther behind it then it appeared to us. That night I emailed NASA. I mentioned what we had seen and asked if they could give me any information as to what the objects might have been or if there was some other aircraft in the area at the same time of the sighting. I really never expected to receive an answer. However the next day NASA responded. The man gave his rank and all but I no longer have the email. He assured me there was nothing in the sky at the time of this sighting in this area or the area around the ISS. He said the crew had released some silver or met! allic de bris at some point during the flight. I think he said bags. I don't remember exactly what he called them but the first thing I thought was how in the world would we see a bag from that distance...even if the sun were shining on it? Compared to the ISS, a bag, as far as I was concerned, would be like an ant there in the sky. It seemed to me I was getting the standard answer of "debris". At any rate I simply responded with a thank you and left it alone.

At least I learned there was nothing in the area and I know we did see something following the ISS. It would have had to have been large for us to see it at that distance.

((ADDENDUM FROM WITNESS)) was around 8 mistake.



Witness indicates that the date may be approximate. PD

Posted 2015-01-07

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