NUFORC UFO Sighting 11479

Occurred: 1999-12-26 23:30 Local
Reported: 1999-12-27 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 10 secs
No of observers: 1

Location: San Diego, CA, USA

Shape: Triangle
Characteristics: Lights on object

Three lights in a triangular formation,one at the "nose",one at each "wing tip" flying very fast directly overhead from the north east heading in a straight line toward the south west.Absolutely no sound at all-clear night with high altitude aircraft easily audible in all directions.Altitude estimated in the thousands of feet assuming size comparable to small jet.

I had been looking at the sky alone from the rear of my apartment building at approximately 2330 when a triangular formation of lights appeared in my field of vision directly overhead.I had been out for about 15 minutes so I was beginning to adjust to the darkness ,but other than the lights,which were steady orange-one at the 'nose' and one at each 'wing tip'-I could not make out any other details.Assuming the size to be comparable to a small jet aircraft,altitude could only have been in the thousands of feet.It passed directly overhead and disappeared toward the southwest,possibly a little north of Lindbergh Field.This is north of the usual flight path and the lights travelled extremely fast,moving from overhead to a point above the horizon where visibility (which was very good-no fog,haze or clouds)made it difficult to make out,in a matter of less than 10 seconds.There was absolutely NO sound,although high altitude aircraft were easily audible in all directions before and after the sighting.At the time no other aircraft could be seen or heard.

Posted 2000-01-07

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