Occurred: 2014-10-01 23:00 Local
Reported: 2014-10-01 22:19 Pacific
Duration: 10 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Mexico, NY, USA

Shape: Formation
Characteristics: Lights on object, Animals reacted

it took me some time of thinking about reporting this. i have no doubt that there is life from other words who have been and are still visiting earth. i am from a native American tribe which has lived in NY for 7000 years and have listen to stories from many tribes in our state about visits from other beings. However I have never til last night seen a craft or anything that I would call a UFO til last night. it started about 11 pm when the Apt I live in shook and rumbled. when i walked out my back door there was a very low flying military black hawk chasing three low flying objects that had no sound coming from them. The black hawk had no other reason to be in area and was not searching or looking for any thing or anyone, It was chasing the objects. it is however possible that it was just one object with lights. I am shocked how low it was but it was very dark and only saw the lights. Three. I even thought it may have been three black hawks but it was not. they the lights in front made no sound and the black hawk had a hard time keeping up with it as they banked from NNE to SSE in a manner that made no since to me . the objects were maybe 600 ft to 800 ft high at the highest till the object or objects in front just were gone. It cause me to lose sleep and my wife did see it for a short time because I woke her. I did tell our Adult daughter who then told me that her and her boyfriend had just seen something the night before which seem to land this happen about 5 miles from where i saw the objects being chased. when they banked it was towards where my daughter and her boyfriend saw something the night before. They were not going to tell anyone til I mentioned what i saw to her , it left them very afraid. i watched News and searched net to see if anyone else reported it, i lost sleep over this. It was so low yet i could not even grab my phone however the black hawk chasing it means someone knows about it . Also 20 mins later i h! eard what may have been a Drone searching same area. That is about it Oh I almost forgot both my dog and birds in my house reacted to it and would not sleep afterwards.

Posted 2014-10-03

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