NUFORC Sighting 113141

Occurred: 2014-08-29 22:30 Local
Reported: 2014-09-01 13:20 Pacific
Duration: few minutes
No of observers: 3

Location: Ingonish (Canada), NS, Canada

Shape: Oval
Characteristics: Lights on object

Glowing yellow ellipse shaped object.

We have a summer house overlooking North bay beach in Ingonish, Nova Scotia.

I was in my sunroom – windows on 3 sides – lights out – reading my Ipad. I noticed a light in my peripheral vision – at first I thought someone had turned on one of the lights behind me and that it was reflecting off my Ipad.

I looked up at the trees [very tall spruce trees] on my left and saw a bright light coming down and towards my house. The object stopped in front of my sunroom window – at this point I was standing and looking at it and it was hovering directly in front of me for probably what I would think would be a good part of a minute.

It was probably about 15 – 20 feet away from me hovering over my lawn. The object was an ellipse shaped brightly glowing yellow object – it had something that looked like a red glowing wick shaped filament in the centre–the closest that I can compare it to would be a candle wick.

The object had 2 triangular propellers or ‘wings’ – one on each side – smaller than the main object and with the wider part of the triangle attached to the main object – the triangle tapered off to a point. I could see the propellers moving – the closest description of the movement would be that of a hummingbird.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing - if I had thought about it, I would have taken a photo with my Ipad.

I ran out of my bedroom and into the living room to tell my daughter and my husband to go outside. We all rushed out to the deck and as we did so the object turned around and flew at a 60 degree trajectory over the water into the night sky. We watched it until all we saw was a red dot and then it disappeared.

The next day I looked up drones on the computer – none had the shape that I had seen. I thought that perhaps this was someone’s ‘toy’ but that wouldn’t explain why it hovered in front of my house then took off at a fast speed until it disappeared over the ocean … you would think that someone would want to have their drone toy back. If this was a toy it would be a very expensive one.

There were people on the beach that night so maybe there is someone else who saw it. I can provide a drawing.


The object was probably 20'' long.



Dear Mr Davenport,

I just re read your letter - just to clarify - this object was hovering about 6 feet above my lawn in front of my sunroom window - which is in front of the beach. It was not over the beach and not over water - I didn't make that clear when I re-read my letter to you.

No one else has come forward but I'm sure that there were other people who would have seen it.

Best regards, ((name deleted))


Posted 2014-09-05

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