NUFORC Sighting 111037

Occurred: 2014-07-04 22:00 Local
Reported: 2014-07-04 23:36 Pacific
Duration: 5 minutes
No of observers: 10

Location: Seattle, WA, USA

Shape: Fireball

Seattle, east shore of Lake Union.

Two fiery objects high in the sky before fireworks display.

Neighbors gathered to see the fireworks display saw a fiery object high in the southwest sky and streaking toward the north. First we thought it was a flare but it was much higher than a marine flare would be. Some one speculated it could be space debris. As it streaked downward 2 fiery tails came straight down and appeared to burn out before reaching the ground.

A few minutes later we noted a fiery orange object high in the sky sky to the west. It hovered at the same height for 1-2 minutes and then flew to the south at a constant height.
It no longer appeared fiery as it disappeared from view.


Hello, Peter,

I listened to your appearance on the Jeff Rense program when you had guests on who saw the events before the Seattle fireworks on July 4, 2014. My report is the one above. I live in the Eastlake neighborhood, of Seattle, 1-1/2 blocks from Lake Union, in a condo. We have a roof deck above the 3rd floor of the condo where we watch the fireworks every 4th of July.

One of your guests seemed to think there was something ominous about the military helicopter carrying the American flag. That has been a part of the Lake Union fireworks show for about 26 years, as long as I’ve lived on the east shore of Lake Union. When they first started the show years ago they had searchlights all around the lake to track the helicopter with flag. But as budgets grew smaller, they went to the military helicopter with a light on the flag, which does not show off the flag as well as the searchlights did. The helicopter always comes from the north, flies over Gas Works Park (where there is a big daylong event), and then flies around the lake shore before going back north.

After I made the above report, I looked online to see if there were any reports about the events I saw. The first object I saw was a white light streaking, like a shooting star or meteor. But it suddenly broke into 2 tails that went directly down to the water. Online I found information that skydivers were supposed to jump into the lake, wearing sparklers on their feet, and the promotional material said it would look like a meteor. I could not find any news items that said the skydivers completed that dive, although I know skydivers landed at Gas Works Park in an earlier skydive as planned. I don’t know if that is the explanation for what I saw. I find it hard to believe that sparklers could be that bright.

The other object I saw was a fiery, flaming thing. It was orange-red, like when you see a car burst into flames in the movies, as if fueled by gasoline or other accelerant. First I thought it might be a sky lantern, because I frequently see sky lanterns launched from that area - North Queen Anne Hill, in the vicinity of the Lake Washington Ship Canal. But the flames were so big and bright I did not think a sky lantern could have that much fuel. My next thought was it could be an aircraft on fire, but then it would have crashed. Instead, the flames disappeared. Then from that location in the sky I saw a steady blue light moving across the sky, I estimate at the same height an airliner at cruising altitude would be, and in about the same location as I often see aircraft. But the light was steady blue, not flashing, and no other lights were visible. This light maintained a constant speed from north to south (as I looked toward the west), and I saw it go behind a cloud and then reappear until it disappeared from my view.

Here’s what I found on one online description of the skydivers:

If you're going to Gasworks Park for the 4th of July celebration, fireworks won't be the only things in the sky you'll be seeing.
Skydivers from Shelton company Skydive Kapowsin will be jumping into the Gasworks Park area twice as part of the fireworks show. The first jump will be into the Gasworks Park crowd at 7:30 p.m., while the second jump at 10:10 p.m. will be into the water at Lake Union.
The second jump will feature skydivers wearing wingsuits with lights on them, so look for their bright lights to be screeching across Lake Union.

I’m not sure if this makes things more clear or more confusing, but I realized I hadn’t mentioned the blue light before.


Posted 2014-07-05

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