NUFORC Sighting 105330

Occurred: 2013-12-13 19:45 Local
Reported: 2013-12-13 23:17 Pacific
Duration: 10 minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Shape: Diamond
Characteristics: Changed Colo

Two virtually motionless synchronized lights about 600 feet up 100 Yds apart W. faceted vibrating and pulsating lights. of all colors.

From the Bayview District in San Francisco California On Friday December 13th 2013 At approx. 7:45 PM I was observing through binoculars extremely heavy traffic on US Hwy 280 looking northeast from my living room window, lowering the field glasses for a moment I observed one red light.. then two.. moving into my field of view from over the top of my home moving from the South toward the North. Then looking through my Binoculars I saw they were in formation and each had slowed to a virtual crawl.

I now suddenly realized each had two small but obvious red lights an equal distance horizontally from each other though not apparently supported by any visible structure but in an identical configuration. I thought it strange the first apparent red light had now become four in the time it took for me to find and view them through my Binoculars - a maximum duration of perhaps three seconds - and all had slowed to a slow crawl seemingly "floating" without collapsing toward each other as objects do when receding into the distance.

I further saw they were in an obvious formation across from one another. From my perspective as I experienced this first sighting - I judged them to be at least a half mile away in the vicinity of one another though not apparently connected and obviously not conventional aircraft like Jet or Prop driven aircraft or helicopters.

Within one minute they slowly crossed the short distance to the left behind the big cedar tree behind my house and were then totally obscured from view. I thought it quite strange.

I continued to view the stalled traffic on the freeways through my binoculars for Approx. five minutes when I suddenly noticed a very bright and rapidly pulsating light directly North of my location which I estimated to be perhaps a mile away and about 5 to 600 feet above the Mission District of San Francisco - Approx. the Area of Potrero Blvd. and the Hwy. 101 and 280 interchange. Shifting my position I saw a second object identical in appearance to the first vibrating light light as well in an identical, abet bizarre fashion somewhat northeast to the first and partially obscured by the same ceder tree which had shortly prior obscured my initial odd sighting of the four red lights, I watched in amazement and fascination as they seemingly hovered motionless and in unison. This continued for Approx four minutes before I quickly went to my computer to contact my online community in the SF area to inquire if they too could see what I was witnessing. One friend a few miles to the west said she could see a bright stationary light hovering over the area of the Mission Dist. She wrote: "I saw a VERY bright, large light on the southeastern sky. At first I thought it was a plane, but it was not moving. Then I thought perhaps it was a planet, but it was pretty low on the horizon". After a few minutes exchanging excited online messages I returned to my position on the couch and again saw the bright light nearly exactly where I had first seen it as a vibrating light in a few minutes prior, the second object wasn't immediately visible but quite quickly I grabbed the binoculars and my camera and ran out of my home and around the block to where I would have an unrestricted view of the entire sky. This took Approx. 90 seconds but there was nothing unusual visible at that time or location. i observed for ten minutes before returning home and calling the police.

Posted 2013-12-23

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