NUFORC Sighting 103340

Occurred: 1982-08-27 01:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2013-10-18 14:31 Pacific
Duration: 75 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Southwest Harbor, ME, USA

Shape: Cylinder
Characteristics: Lights on object, Emitted other objects, Animals reacted

Two crafts taking or dumping water

I report here a pretty intense story told to me in July of 1984. I was having dinner with two friends in Brookline Massachusetts and in the midst of dinner we were discussing vacations and places we had gone to for vacations as children. I told them how my family would travel from Vermont to Owl's Head, Maine, for several weeks in the summer. I mentioned that a cousin of mine had a restaurant in Southwest Harbor and how my parents would take us there for occasionally while we were staying in Owl's Head.

Anyway, the mention of Southwest harbor seemed to change the tone of both of my hosts. They exchanged anxious looks and became quiet. I noticed they continue to look at each other but not say much, and one of them, asked the other if he wanted to tell me. They agreed they did, and here is what they told me: In late August of 1982 my friends rented a small house on Goose Cove in Southwest Harbor, Maine. I should say first that both of these men are serious and sober not given to storytelling or having a fascination with the occult or paranormal.

They described the place being on the north-northeast side of Goose Cove and described a daytime view out to the ocean straight ahead of their house. They could, at night, see lights in houses on the east side of the cover and the west side but said it was very woody and not densely settled. They had a rental for a couple weeks. Towards the end of their stay on what was a Thursday night, they had gone to bed early. The house was a story and a half with two small bedrooms on the second floor. A stairway separated the two bedrooms and at the bottom of the stairs was the front door leading to the porch which faced Goose Harbor.

At one point they both woke up hearing a humming sound and bright lights coming up the center stair from the windows in the front door. The light moved up and down and side to side a bit and the humming sound had some variation in pitch. They described the light looking like it might be coming from a helicopter search light but without the sound of helicopter engines. The time was shortly after 1:00 am making it now early Friday morning. After more than ten minutes they got up the nerve to go downstairs to see what they could see. About 400 feet in front of the house there was a large metal object, a low cylinder, in a proportion like a tuna fish can but dark gray with yellow-white lights on it. It was flying about 45 feet above the surface of the water. The lights were redirected to the surface of the water and the volume and pitch of the hum dropped. Next they could hear and see a column of water beneath the object. Both were unsure whether water was being sucked up from ! the ocean or being dumped into it. This continued for over half an hour. A bit after 1:45 am they heard a higher pitch, and within a few minutes the cove became brighter like early dawn. Soon they could see lights coming from above and saw a second object like the first. It came down level with the first one and hovered southwest of the first object with a distance of about 50 feet. Its lights redirected to the water surface and the pitch and volume of sound lowered and then it too began to drop or suck up water in a cylinder form. They watched this from their window on the first floor of the house for about 35 or 40 minutes. Then the fist object moved about 1000 feet into the cove away from the house. Soon the second object aligned itself above the first and together they began to rise up at the same speed and then hovered together about 400 to 500 fet above the water. Then the hum returned to a high pitch and they lifted upward very fast and disappeared.

They checked to see if there were lights on in any of the other houses and saw none. They went upstairs and packed. At about 5:00 am there was decent light to carry luggage to the truck and they packed up and headed home to Massachusetts. They did not call or visit the police station. They drove to Cape Cod where they spent the rest of the weekend with the parents of one of the men. These parents had seen a UFO together in the late 1950s on Cape Cod. The following morning deer looked into the kitchen windows at them.

Posted 2013-10-23

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