NUFORC Sighting 102803

Occurred: 2013-09-28 19:15 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2013-09-29 17:18 Pacific
Duration: 5 minutes

Location: Glendale, AZ, USA

Shape: Unknown

UFO sighting over Glendale, AZ, on 9/28/2013 (150 Orange objects)

I am a retired state police officer from the state of Arizona after nearly 35 years of service. I live in north Glendale, north of the Loop 101 highway in the area of 67th avenue.

At approximately 7:15 pm, I happened to glance out my kitchen window that faces north, and I observed some bright orange lights traveling from the west to east. It seemed unusual, so I went out into my back yard to investigate further.

At that time I observed multiple bright orange objects coming from what appeared to be the Lake Pleasant area which is approximately 15-20 miles northwest of my home. They were traveling from the west to the east.

In my mind, I immediately thought these appeared to be Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO’s). I immediately thought to myself, “If I don’t get pictures, nobody is going to believe me.” I re-entered my home and got my I phone and started to take pictures.

The objects were being partially blocked by some trees on the golf course so I decided to go out on the golf course where I could obtain non-obstructed pictures.

I have a great interest in UFO’s and have done a fair amount of reading up on them and was convinced the probability was high that these were in fact UFO’s.

I filmed these objects for probably over 5 minutes. At one point my video stopped and I had to restart it again. I was in awe because they just keep coming. I would estimate as many as 150 of these orange objects.

It’s hard to estimate their speed. They were not going as fast as a military jet and they were not stopped. They seemed to maintain a constant speed that I would have to estimate at 150-200 mph. I did not see any particular formation. There would be 5-7 of them traveling together and others following behind in a line.

It appeared to me that when I first saw them coming from the Lake Pleasant area, that as they came higher they were trying to catch up to those ahead. They maintained a constant orange glow with no flickering. I observed no other lights on them, just the orange glow.

I know that the Phoenix area had reports of a meteor last night. This was not a meteor. A meteor travels so fast that if you blink, you may well miss it. Meteors are generally a white flash of light or fire looking and these objects were bright orange in color and had a controlled speed far less than a meteor.

This was not a weather balloon as the government might claim. There were approximately 150 of them and they were rising at a speed inconsistent with a weather balloon. These were not Chinese candles (candle lit objects that rise from the heat of the candle). The objects were much too fast to be Chinese candles.

These were not military flares as some might think. They were rising, not falling, as flares do after being shot into the air or falling after being dropped.

Once again these objects were traveling from west to east at approximately 150-200 mph and as they passed just slightly east of my home they seemed to just disappear.

This parade continued for over 5 minutes. As some would disappear, others would appear from the lake area.

When all were gone, I went back into my house to call family to tell them what I had seen. Like most people out there some were believers and others had their doubts. I thought “but I have video proof”, and when I went to view the pictures, nothing was visible, just a black screen.

I know what I saw and unless someone has a better explanation, I feel that I was fortunate enough to see what many of us hope to see someday and will not.

I have absolutely no reason to make false claims or file false reports.


We spoke via telephone with the witness, and we found him to be exceptionally objective and sober-minded, in describing his sighting. We suspect that he is an exceptionally reliable and capable witness. PD

Posted 2013-09-30

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