Occurred: 1987-06-30 04:45 Local - Approximate
Reported: 1999-05-21 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 25?30 SEC.
No of observers: 0

Location: Irma, WI, USA

Shape: Oval

4:45am while going to work had the camera with me noticed a very bright and pulsateing object headed strait for me this all happened in about no more then 30 sec. but I did catch the last 5 sec. on film that Im sending you. When played in slowmotsion it gets very interesting.

Hello Mr. Davenport: This is in reguards to pur phone conversation on May 14th 1999, As I explained to you about the video tape I have of a very unsual object I video taped in the summer of 1987 or 1988. I was video Tapeing a paper machine rebuild where I worked at the time. This was the reason I had my vidio camera with me. As I was going to work that early morning. It was crystal clear and about 4:45 am. I was walking out my door with my vidio camera in the case. From my doorway looking straite west ruffly 5 mile there is a large hill we call Irma hill, known for the small villiage on the west side of the hill. From my location I had a very excellent view to the western horizon with the hill slightly outlineing the it, the horizen.. As I was closing the door to lock it I noticed a very bright shineing object directly over Irma hill coming directly towards me. It was round and very bright and pulsating. I knew right away it was not a star, planet, or plane. When I When I was younger I was into Astronmany, had my own telescope and farmilier with the nightly skies. It was much more brighter then the planet venius at its brightess point and at its dimmest point of pulsastion hardly visiable. I stared in almost disbelife ruffly 3 or 4 seconds, then reliseing I had my vidio camera with me I quicly as possible bent down and opend the case grabbing my camera and pulling lens cover off also turning the power on I would estimate this took no more the 7 to 8 seconds being very familiar with my camera. I looked towards Irma hill where I observed the objedt but no longer could see it anymore I quickly looked straite up over me and spotted the object moving very fast in a easterly direction. I brought the camera up and foud it in my view finder and caught it on tape as it went away from me and disapeared. I stood there in complete disbelife asking myself what the hell was that...It took no more then 25 to 30 seconds from the time ! I spotted in the western horixon to disaphere at about a 35 diagree angle in the eastern horizon. When it was straite overhead before I could get the camera on it, the brightness was almost shiney and crome like. there was absoluity no noice from the object. There was no wind and it was one of them mornings it was perfectly dead quite. The only thing you could here was early morning robbins. Ive had this tape all this time and over the years showed a few friends no one else has realy seen it yet. I wanted some one to look at it but I didnt know where to send it until I heard you on the Art bell show the othernight when you menstioned the event west of Eagleriver Wi. If you have any qustions please feel free to contact me by e-mail at ((e-address deleted)) or phone you have my number there. Thank you very much for your time. ((deleted)) Could you please let me know what you inturped on the tape. It gets very strange in slow mostion and frame bye frame play.

Posted 1999-05-24

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