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We have updated both our homepage, as well as the database of eyewitness sighting reports, as of this date. We have posted 441 new written reports, submitted to our Center via our Online Report Form since the afternoon of August 6th, together with 35 older reports which have been revised over the past two weeks.

For this update, we have strived to proof-read all the reports more carefully than we believe we have performed that process for the past several updates. However, there is always the possibility that we have overlooked a defective or misleading report, so, as we always do, we caution visitors to our site to be careful in what they accept at face value.

We highlight below two eyewitness reports that have captured our attention, for one of which we have received what we believe to be high-quality video:

Lakeview Craft

Lakeview, Ohio, Saturday, July 18, 2020, @ 11:15 p.m. (Eastern):  A husband and wife, booth experienced sky watchers, were outdoors, in order to view, and photograph, the “Neowise” comet, when the husband observed a very bright light moving across the nighttime sky, and approaching their location from the west.  He  manages to capture some very high-quality, and dramatic, footage of the peculiar object. Witness Report  Video Footage

Burnet, Texas, Saturday, August 15, 2020, @ 00:45 a.m. (Central):  Two adult males, both experienced amateur astronomers, observe, and photograph through their telescopes, a strange looking object, exhibiting four very bright, white, strobing lights radiating from its ventral surface (see picture at right).  The object remains visible, and motionless for 3-4 hours.  Witness Report 1   Witness Report 2

Conway, South Carolina, Wednesday, August 18, 2020, @ 00:30 a.m. (Eastern):  A retired senior law enforcement official, while out sky-watching, observes a tiny, white colored, strobing light fly overhead from NNE to SSW. The object is joined by a second similar object, and then two more, for a total of four objects.  Because of the strobing, and because of the direction the objects were traveling, the witness doubted whether they could have been ”Starlink” satellites.  Witness Report

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