The Early Years of NUFORC – Bob Gribble and Wendy Connors

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The following is a bit of NUFORC history written by Maurene Morgan, WA state director for MUFON, and originally published in the November 2021 Washington MUFON newsletter.

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Description automatically generated with medium confidence Seattle firefighter Bob Gribble’s fascination with UFOs began in 1954 when he happened to pick up a copy of True Magazine. An article about UFOs grabbed his attention. Riveted, he quickly ordered Flying Saucers on the Attack by Harold Wilkins that was advertised in the magazine. Fascinated, he read it multiple times. Next came Donald Kehoe’s book, Flying Saucers Are Real. Now, Gribble was thoroughly hooked. Reading these books began his life-long conviction: …

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284 New Reports Posted

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We attempted to update the homepage and database of sighting reports on May 13th, 2022, but were thwarted in that attempt by overlapping travel schedules of Peter Davenport, Director of NUFORC, and Mr. Christian Stepien, NUFORC Technical Director, during the last two weeks of May.  We perform a preliminary update, as of this date, May 31st, with the posting of 284 written reports that had been received by our offices by early Saturday, May 14th, and expect to complete a second update within a week, bringing the site up to currency at that time.  …

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509 New Reports Posted / Navy Pilots Sight Approaching “Orb”

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The National UFO Reporting Center homepage, and database of sighting reports, have been updated as of Friday evening, April 22nd, 2022.  The database has 509 new written reports, submitted via the Online Report Form since our last update on March 4th, 2022.  We apologize for the long delay since our last update.

We always encourage visitors to our site to exercise caution as to what reports they accept as being true, given that none of the reports have been followed up on with investigation.  Moreover, this warning is particularly apropos for this most recent posting, given …

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1039 New Reports Posted

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The NUFORC website was updated on Friday, March 04th, 2022, to include the posting of 1,035 new eyewitness reports received by our Center from between December 19, 2021, and the afternoon of Thursday, March 03rd, 2022.  We apologize to the regular visitors to our site for the long delay in posting the reports, which was due to several factors which I won’t take the time to go into here.  Our hope is to be able to update the report database in the future on an approximately weekly basis.


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2014-2020 Postings Are Now Available

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As the next step of the migration to our new site, we have incorporated our past postings back through 2014 to the posts page. For anyone wishing to catch up on the most noteworthy reports submitted over the years, these posts make some fascinating reading. The historical posts are organized by year:

There is more to come as we continue to migrate our older content into the new site, so please keep checking back.

In the meantime, the hotline is back up and running, and we are diligently working through the large batch …

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Center Update

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Peter Davenport is currently land locked in Seattle due to snowstorms having closed all mountain passes leading back to the Center in Eastern Washington. So for now the hotline is being routed to voicemail only. We’ll be back up and running as soon as mother nature backs off a bit, and the roads can be re-opened. In the meantime, please continue to send in your reports via the online form.…

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Website Redesign Launched

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We are proud to announce that our newly redesigned site has been released!

Our continuing commitment is to provide the most up to date UFO reports available anywhere.   Our content has always been, and will continue to be, free and open to the public.    This new format will allow us to make our data more easily accessible, on all devices.

Over the coming weeks and months we will be adding lots of new material and features, as well as migrating more and more of our older content, so keep checking back.   Drop a comment below letting us know what

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379 New Reports Posted

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We have updated the website with the posting of 379 new, or recently amended, UFO sighting report that have been either received, or altered since November 15, 2021.  However, we feel duty-bound to call to the attention of those who visit our site that not all of the reports should be accepted at face value, given that hoaxed reports can sometimes make it into the database. New Reports

Also, please note that we have released an improved version of our Online Report Form.   If you happen to notice any anomalies in the new reports please report then to


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463 New Reports Posted

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We updated our database of UFO sighting reports on October 19th, with the posting of 407 new reports, and we update again, as of the date of this writing, October 26th, with the posting of 54 recent reports, submitted over the past week.

As we always do, we recommend visitors to our website be cautious as to what they accept as being accurate and true. A significant percentage of the reports may be cases of mistaken identification, e.g. of terrestrial aircraft, satellites, missile launches, so-called “Chinese” lanterns, etc.. Also, a few of the reports appear to us to be out-and-out …

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