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The NUFORC website has been updated as of Sunday, April 09, 2023, with the posting of 333 new reports, received at our headquarters prior to midnight (Pacific Daylight Time), Saturday, April 08th.

Traditionally, we proofread each report before clearing it for posting to our website.  However, given that we are under time pressure to get this update posted, we have been able to do only a cursory job of screening and correcting the posted reports.

We close by wishing visitors to our website a Happy Easter, with hope that mankind will be able to set strife aside on our planet.

Posted Easter Sunday, April 09, 2023.

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  1. Syd

    Why did the number of eyewitness reports suddenly drop so much? Especially in April, there are only 38 eyewitness reports?

    1. Christian Stepien

      The April reports that have been posted only cover the period through April 8. The April number will continue to climb as we receive and process more reports. We expect it will eventually be consistent with other months.

      1. Syd

        Alright,Thanks for yoir work! KEEP FOLLOWING

        1. Syd


  2. Jennifer

    Hello. Thanks for your work. Dont forget to look over my report posted sometime in April. I noticed that other people in my area noticed something similar around the same time and locations MADISON, ALABAMA

  3. Troy Martin

    I just wanted to report a sighting I saw last night at 11 pm on May 9th 2023 in Framingham Massachusetts. It was an extremely bright orange orb just above the treeline. I noticed it because it was so bright and as I started watching it it turned from one orange light into two lights, like it spit out or divided into two straight up and down. The lights went from two back to one and back to two , several times over the course of a couple minutes. After watching this for like 3 minutes I decided to go inside to get my phone to try and get it on video and bye the time I got back the lights were now below the treeline so I had to try a follow it through the trees with my eyes but after a few minutes of hoping it would come back over the tree tops and back into my sight but it didn’t move back up and I lost it in the trees. Now that Ive seen it I’m determined to get it on video hopefully one of these nights this summer!

  4. Jennifer

    Many recent reports of multiple slow moving lights that shine for a few seconds and then go out, like circling craft visible on one side of the flight circle. They move from left to right or right to left. They seem to circle in a group in one spot in they sky for minutes to hours at a time. I have been seeing them looking north from my backyard in Arizona and after much research on the internet have concluded that these are flaring Starlink satellites. I read through many of the other reports from this year and last year and there are a lot of other reports matching what I am seeing. Here are links to explain what people are seeing.



    PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD about these flaring satellites.

    1. kent

      I just observed a long line of starlink satellites over Sacramento, California. May 14, 2023; 22:11. They were traveling NW to NE at approximately 30⁰ above the horizon.

      1. Jennifer

        That is when they are being deployed into orbit. Once in orbit they are distributed around the globe in a net-like formation and no longer form trains like that.

  5. Lyis

    We saw a straight line of lights on sky tonight. We were walking..stargazing..10:20 pm..College City ,CA on college St….perfectly clear night..something..gut feeling made me tell my girlfriend let’s turn around..we turn around and just saw about 20 lights or so in a perfect straight line..even spaced moving slowly..we were in awe..didn’t even think of taking a picture..no noise..no marking lights blinking from a plane or anything..nothing..so I decide to shine my flashlight on them..immediately when I did that they started to faded slowly in succession..from the front one to the back and then they were just gone!! The night sky did not change in brightness it was the same darkness in whole sky at this time so them fading due to horizon light is out of the equation. And these lights were not in space..they were low. They were just cruising slowly and they only faded when they realized I put my flashlight on them. These were not starlink..I did a search on an app that would let you know if they were in your area and it said no.

    1. Christian Stepien

      What you describe sounds exactly like Starlink, despite what your app said. Perhaps the app was incorrect?

      1. Lyis

        Why did they fade away like they did exactly when I pointed my flashlight up..it wasn’t the Light from horizon because it was dark..10:20 at night thegadigaway is what makes me think otherwise

        1. Jennifer

          It was just coincidence. The satellites don’t emit their own light, they only reflect the sun’s light. They are only reflecting that light for certain amount of time and then you can’t see them anymore due to the angle of the sat/Earth/Sun configuration.

  6. kym

    yes, an even line of lights moving slow and in a “sattelite” directions (i.e. from the W, SW or NW) sounds like a sat train. but ive seen others that are a bit different that still likely are sats. e.g. one time i saw maybe a dozen lights come from the sw going to ne (i.e. sat direction). they came 1 by 1 spaced out maybe 1 min apart. All on slightly diff but parallel tracks. Sounds like a spaced out starlink. 🙂 Another time I saw 100s of dots in a band going from SSW to NNE fairly slow. Looked like a purple/blue diamond bracelet. bee-you-tiful! but still some kind of sat train.

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