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We have just released 1275 new reports received at the Center since late December. The reports consist of a wide variety of sightings, from structured craft, to lights moving erratically in the sky, to frequent sightings of mysterious orange or blue “orbs”.

Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus

Reports spiked heavily in late February and the first few days of March when Jupiter and Venus appeared just 1/2 degree apart from each other in the western sky, a rare and spectacular astronomical alignment. Many witnesses mistook this as a single craft, and reported it as such to us both over the hotline and through our website. We have marked these reports with a note identifying them as such, but have left them in our listings to demonstrate how certain astronomical phenomenon can be easily misinterpreted.

Pilot/Military Reports

Commercial pilots and military personnel are trained to recognize and identify all kinds of aircraft, so when they report something they can’t identify we give it a great amount of weight. Here are some of the recently received reports that fall into this category:

DateSighting Summary
3/5/23Four to five pulsating bright lights that would fade in and out and would move around each other.
2/19/23 Bright white light orbs with green edges, very bright and rocketing very fast towards the ground west of PTK airport
2/12/23Aircraft over flying Northern NY reported UFO.
2/19/23Bluish semicircle, flying fast, making absolutely no sound
2/9/23We saw at least 10 bright starlight looking objects that flew fast and in various directions. Multiple other pilots on guard saw them
1/19/23Transparent orb with object in it’s center sighted over the Pacific South of the Aleutian Islands.
1/22/23Over 30 min, observed a starlike object, moving rapidly in the vertical, and horizontal, varying intensity, for 5-10 seconds each time.
1/14/23Looking SE from Coordinate location, viewed lights moving in circles and darting from one location to another.
1/6/233 smaller star-like objects moving around a brighter one making rapid speed changes and directions.
1/13/232 lights moving rapidly back and forth
12/27/22High altitude dogfight.
11/9/22Sighting of one to two extremely bright maneuvering lights at extreme distance and elevation.
7/27/21Fiery red orb seen hovering over the city.
1/2/19High altitude light that flashed on/off over the course of ~10 seconds.

Other Notable Sightings

Below are some of what we consider to be some of the most interesting and noteworthy reports we have received since our previous posting, some of which were seen recently and some long ago:

DateSighting Summary
2/27/23Bright Hovering Disc. The disc was vibrating and at one point there appeared to be beams of light passing to the ground.
2/18/23Object coasted overhead in complete silence and nearly invisible.
2/12/23High altitude light moving left to right, second light peeled off from first.
2/10/23Soundless, Round or oval thick object flew over top of my house so fast it was gone in less than 3 seconds.
2/10/23I was working in my tool shed and was coming back in and saw the craft with my wife and my cousin. It then went further down with speed
2/9/23Slow moving gun metal gray carbon fiber stealth bomber shaped front with white lites 3 on each side of front Vshape. 100 -150 feet fr
2/4/23Teardrop shaped object flew overhead
2/2/23While Looking at Venus and Jupiter SW in night sky I saw UFO / Alien Space Ship entering from the southern Horizon traveling North.
1/27/23Huge flying circle object, w/ beautiful colorful trickling lights flying impossibly fast, then took a 90 degree turn into the clouds.
1/23/23Opaque oval body with no sound.
1/20/23Individuals in Silverdale visually saw object. Individuals in Bremerton made Radar contact with object .
1/15/233 of us, 5 ft apart, whom are all strangers to each other, and SOBER, saw the same object in the sky above us simultaneously
1/12/23A massive black object with no lights flying ultra low over our home.
1/12/23My sister and I heard low humming that shook the house at around 12:30 AM, my sister viewed the cigar shaped craft go over some trees.
1/11/23I was driving home when I looked up at a large bright disk like object and after a few moments it flew down and away.
1/9/233 craft seen with Orange glow seen twice from larger of craft in an area not known for sightings.
1/6/23Massive, moving behind ridgeline
1/4/23Chevron shape hovering in place
1/1/23Spotted a low flying silent orange object coming from east to west lasted about 5 mins or so glowing went away to dim white light disa
12/31/22Late evening, New Years eve 2022, observed small object flying quickly, very low and almost directly over.
12/27/22Low level silent triangle shaped exhibiting seemingly impossible acceleration
12/8/22Sighting of one to three extremely bright maneuvering lights at extreme distance and elevation.
11/19/22We spotted a chevron-like craft seemingly very low to the ground with 2 faint circular lights on both wings with no visible light bulb.
9/23/22Triangular craft came out of nowhere. It hovered in front of my car from a small distance.
6/20/22Took a video of a travelling cylinder shape object next to the airplane I was sitting in.
5/21/22Daylight sighting of a large silver disc type object.
4/1/22Black rectangular craft with white, green and red lights on sides
11/25/21Watched and recorded three craft overhead and another catching up and also dlying overhead on Thanksgiving Eve 2021.
10/17/18Craft was hovering in place over hangers, flew south-west and upwards faster than any commercial or military craft I’ve seen.
11/20/151 UAP joined by 2 others
9/1/01An Elliptical radiating white light spaceship with no specific edges stopped dead center above my boat for about 10 seconds.
9/14/904 active duty Navy see sphere in sky that splits
10/6/79Large object with 4 glowing greenish yellow lights sitting on the surface of the lake.
2/12/70Gray sphere hovering over our backyard at an altitude of 3000 feet.
6/10/69A large object with multicolored light all over it was seen outside my bedroom window when I was about 4 years old.
3/8/60Ball with spikes
6/10/59No Sound
9/5/57My mother said a UFO chased us down a highway.

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  1. Andy

    I am waiting for my report to be published for an incident on 2/27/23 over Atlanta, GA. Did anyone else see the object at high altitude hover and then accelerate to the south. At least 4-5 other airliners saw this phenomenon as evidenced by the the ATC chatter. I know a colleague in another a/c also saw the lights. ATL controllers heard the talk about the object on guard frequency.

  2. Amy

    Did ANYONE see the crazy sighting that went on in the sky around Lumberton MS at 4am? It looked like lightning, but only in one area. Never moved! It went on for an hour 1/2 or longer. It was extremely bright!!!!! It was happening North of Lumberton on Highway 13. It was so out of the norm, that there was one car pulled over on the side of Highway 13 standing outside his car taking video or pics one. My question, Did anyone else see? And does anyone know what was happening?

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