Multiple Pilot Sightings Over the Midwest

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On the morning of Monday, November 7th, NUFORC received a seemingly quite credible report from an airline 1st Officer, who reported having witnessed, together with the aircraft’s pilot, a very dramatic display of lights over the Midwestern United States during the prior evening.  Moreover, several other flight crews allegedly reported the same event over their backchannel, so-called “guard,” radio frequency, and apparently discussed the event extensively over the course of an estimated 20-25 minutes.  If any person who is reading this advisory statement was witness to a dramatic sighting event during the evening of Sunday, November 06th, or alternatively, is aware of a flight crew member who witnessed the event, we would welcome a detailed written report from the witness(es), submitted via our Online Report Form.  We guarantee that your personal or contact information will not revealed publicly.  Thank you.

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  1. Tom

    looking forward to hearing from some Pilots on this. Always find the Pilot sightings very very interesting….

  2. Gabriel

    Lots of sightings in south brazil too

  3. hassan

    good morning ,what you call “ufo “is what is known as “jinn” in islam religion; they are mentionned in a sourate in the holy coran (and the bible as demons) which is all about them,;there are jinn which fly and jinn who doesn’t fly who are everywhere aroud us; there are the cause of possessions and exorcism ………….hassan from france .

  4. Hoona

    I saw four red lights appearing one at a time and the disappearing one at a time in Peoria AZ on the 9th of Nov ‘22

  5. Ed

    Peter, as always, you add intelligence, integrity and class to this subject. Small donation is on the way.

  6. Angel combest

    Making UFOs great again! I hope the come an take all the Nukes away!Check out a great show about this same time it Called the Missing An it’s very interesting an has a lot in common

  7. Sherry Wagner

    I live in Ashland ,KY and every morning around 5 am there is something like round and it will raise up above the trees and just sit there. And it looks like how a candle flickers then it moves real slow over behind another hill and it goes real fast back over behind a other hill and disappears. It’s not a drone to small it’s not a helicopter and planes don’t rise up and just sit in mid air . And when it’s going real slow there are lights under it shine down like it’s scanning the ground does it til it goes behind 1 hill. 1 time I recorded it it was around 5 something and it was daylight out when it kept going back and forth back and forth like it was scanning somethingand disappears. The other night i aeen it and it was after 11pm and I thought it was weird because of the time. But whatever this is I think we are seeing the same thing that was in erlanger . I have posted the videos on the neighborhood app and. Nobody knows what it is. It shows up way out back of 29th Street. Someone suggested it was a drone it this is as big as a car.

  8. Antonette

    Every night there a object that appears with red and white lights. I thought was a plane. But this things goes from one side to the next and up and down. Below is a round object and it seems like it’s towing the object. I know sounds stupid.
    The object stay for 5hrs then speeds up until it is gone.

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