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The NUFORC website has been updated with the posting of 657 new sighting reports, received at our headquarters between September 7th and the afternoon of October 8th, 2022.  In addition to those reports, we include an additional 109 reports that may have been received prior to that time, but which have been corrected, or amended, for any of several reasons.

When reading the reports, visitors should be alert to the fact that all of the reports are preliminary, and may be explainable by prosaic events of terrestrial cause or origin.  A good example of this point is the launch from Cape Canaveral of a SpaceX rocket at approximately 7:40 p.m. (EDT) on Saturday, September 24th, 2022, that gave rise to dozens of “UFO” reports.  Moreover, the payload the missile was carrying was several dozen “Starlink” satellites, which gave rise to still more reports of “UFOs,” over several subsequent nights.  We have posted all of those reports to our website, in order to illustrate how easily a person can be misled into believing  that he or she has been witness to a genuine UFO.


Over the past 48 years of its existence, the National UFO Reporting Center has been funded largely by its Director, together with a few generous contributions by individuals who support our cause.  Given that the workload has increased dramatically over recent years, and given that the expense of operating NUFORC and its telephone Hotline has increased, we have decided that is an appropriate time to invite voluntary financial contributions from the millions of people who use our services annually, in order to lift some of the financial burden off the shoulders of the Center’s Director.  Consequently, we have placed a provision on our website, whereby people may use a credit card to make a contribution to our organization.  To make a donation, simply click the DONATE link at the top of any page, or Click Here.

If you are “old school,” and, therefore, might prefer to mail a check in order to support our activities and services, you may mail them to our business address, which appears below:

National UFO Reporting Center
P. O. Box 700
Davenport, WA  99122-0700

We thank you in advance for your support!

(Please note that although NUFORC is a Washington State non-profit corporation, it does not have federal 501 C.3 tax status.  Hence, contributions to NUFORC may not be deductible for federal tax purposes.)


Our next update will be at sometime after October 18th, 2022.

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  1. Fran Schwab

    Drones are really muddying the waters..

    1. Victoria Gonzalez

      That’s what they want people to think.

      1. Victoria Gonzalez

        That’s what they want people to think. If you’re referring to the progress in providing that UFO’s are real, the truth embargo the government has been at for the last 75+ years. Drones and now aerial trash are the latest swamp gas, just the latest debunker Mick West seagull excuse for what UFO/UAP are.
        I only came into this topic after 2017. I had had my own sighting one night in 2013, outside having a smoke as a patient in hospital in Dublin, Ireland. I was very confused and dismissed it as a space ship as it didn’t look like a flying saucer. But I knew this was very irregular it looker cylindrical but wasn’t lit up, just lit by surroundings below and it was low.
        I started researching and I am convinced they’re real.
        I want to know much more, but I doubt we’ll ever get further with it unless the beings themselves come forward and the way they behave that’s probably as unlikely too. It’s very frustrating.

        1. Grant Winters

          Dear Victoria
          I was really surprised to read your post. Im originally from Dublin. I now live in London. Only last week I saw what sounds like the same thing I witnessed last week here in South London. I placed a report on this site last week. I just happened come across your passage. I just hought you should know, and thank you for confirming to me that I am not crazy.

        2. Absolm Flazed

          Dr Michael Salla. At first this guys books Amazon seem like the works of a crackpot. I recommend his books because they can get the novice up to speed very quickly. Then read Dolores Cannon’s book to get a true representation of the conscious, subconscious, and real narrative of what ours souls/spirit have been through and likely will more so. I’ve got read about 150 books on the subject and these two encapsulate the phenomena quite well.

        3. Absolm Flazed

          Whole lot going on right now in the UFO World. Dr Michael Salla and Dolores Cannon. There books are true to the 150+ books I’ve read even if it challenges your world view. Read them thru and thru perhaps keeping a comment journal alongside of those things you find good bad or neutral but noteworthy. Things you want to research more.

          1. Wandless

            Truthfully stated!

    2. Lux lucis

      Yes befor this year I was contacting ufos daily now there are so many drones watching right above the house as low as our roof and sitting in the sky I wouldn’t want to put the entities at risk because I frequently ask them to flash there brightest light at me from space but if the drones are watching I’m guessing they are looking to pin point any locations of crafts so it’s very frustrating we are deffiitely in the end times and even the energy fields around here feel weird and the sky I’ve never seen it look the way it has this past year keep your eyes up and your mind open and you will find what you seek.

  2. Gidget

    Does anyone follow Steven Greer? What about Bob Lazar? My husband is convinced that the Governments of the world are afraid of losing their power over us. So they will start saying aliens are a threat to us. Which we all know is ridiculous. They could have wiped us out in the 1800’s or 1900’s. Anyhow we believe that all of these reports and sightings will be useless. Why? Because before years end we will be told the truth. Not by the Governments of the world, but by the alien races that have come to our planet before life itself. Believe what you want. But above all else be kind to one another. The end is not coming but a new beginning is. Judgement day is coming…..help your neighbors, love and honor one another.

    1. Jimmy

      Can’t say I completely agree with your post but I definitely respect your right to an opinion, so please don’t take me wrong here. Felt compelled to answer your post since I just happened to watch the Youtube video of Stephen Greer on the “Valuetainment” podcast from a couple years ago. I love the podcast, Patrick Bet-David is a cool dude and he’s had on some really interesting guests. I don’t know if you’ve followed Greer’s work over the years or not but I’ve known about him for quite a long time. First time I saw him speak was on a Larry King “Live at Area 51” special way back in the mid-1990s. Anyway, my honest opinion on him is this… I think Greer originally had good and honorable intentions. He did a lot of great work in the early days, up to and including his effort to spark Congressional hearings on the UFO/ET subject. If you haven’t seen anything about the National Press Club event back in (I think 2001?) you should check it out. He brought together a ton of pretty credible witnesses (although there were a small few that I don’t have a good opinion of), many of them legitimate ex-military, including officers etc. I definitely respect his work on that whole effort. But sadly, after time went on, Greer seemed to go further and further off the rails. My personal feeling is that he later became too tempted with the cash being made by the typical con-artists and charlatans that, unfortunately, exist within the wider UFO enthusiast community. Sadly, these people have been an open festering sore on the backs of the sincere, part of the community who are making a genuine push for the truth. I’d have to type a novel here to cover the details but feel free to do your own research and form your own opinion there. Just a simple search for something like “Stephen Greer controversy” or something should easily bring up quite a bit of stuff.

      As far as Bob Lazar….Man, what an interesting story huh? And definitely an interesting dude lol. Honestly, I’ve known about Lazar and his story since way back when Art Bell was still around doing Coast to Coast AM. To this day, every time I hear that Lazar is going do an interview or something, I make it a priority to watched or listen. He’s been on Joe Rogan’s podcast fairly recently if you want to check that out. But, after all this time I am STILL on the fence about him. There are parts of his story that make you go “wow, that’s really compelling” and there are quite a few things that happened YEARS later which proved him right on certain aspects of his claims. The eventual scientific proof a stable isotope of element 115, the discovery that gravity is actually a wave and not “gravitons” as widely believed in the past etc. Then there’s the fact that he seemed to know precisely when the supposed alien craft out at Area 51 would be tested and took people out there along with a video camera to see. There are many more examples as well. There ARE ALSO however a few glaring discrepancies in his stories. Particularly concerning his personal life and education etc. So, like I said, I’m still on the fence about him even after all this time. All I can say for sure is, it would NOT shock me at all to learn that he is completely legitimate. It would also not shock me to eventually find out he’s a fraud. And then there’s an equally likely chance that the truth actually lay somewhere in between. In any case, it’s a very interesting story and I do love listening to him tell it.

      One last thing. Concerning your statement about an alien threat to us being “ridiculous”… It’s probably true, as you said, that they could have easily wiped us out long ago if they’d wanted to. But my thoughts on that are… first off, how can we know what they’re thinking? What if there are multiple alien races or civilizations, with some of them being at complete odds with each other? Isn’t it at least possible that there ARE some E.T.’s that would enjoy wiping us out, enslaving us or some other such evil thing, except that there are “good” E.T.’s who have so far prevented that from happening? For all we know there could be an interstellar war going on and our survival depends on who wins lol. My point is, we just don’t know. And how could we? Myself, my sister and my ex-wife were all witnesses to a couple very strange events some years ago and believe me, all three of us would agree that whatever it was, it didn’t seem very friendly to us. Not at all. So, there’s my honest opinion on that subject.

      Welp, looks like I’ve managed to go ahead and type the NOVEL I intended to avoid ROFL! I’ll stop here. Just wanted to give my two cents. Or twenty….or two hundred cents. Something like that.

      1. joel

        “The eventual scientific proof a stable isotope of element 115, the discovery that gravity is actually a wave and not “gravitons” as widely believed in the past etc. Then there’s the fact that he seemed to know precisely when the ”

        I’m not sure why people think this? An island of stability around element 115 was predicted in the 1960’s. That can be researched and is probably why Lazar used that in his story. We have not developed a stable element 115. Even on Rogan they said the element created wasn’t stable but “they still could maybe create one that’s stable” and Joe counted this as a positive hit for Lazar? Very strange? It’s like subconscious confirmation bias?
        We also have not discovered if gravity is made of gravitons or not. There is no quantized description of gravity yet. The waves of gravity are not what gravity is made of it’s a wave in spacetime caused from extreme gravity. In this case it’s from colliding black holes. The equations of general relativity predict this happens but it does not say if gravity is actually made of particles.
        The thing Lazar is saying about gravity only being a wave is ridiculous. All particles are both waves and particles depending on how they are measured. Waves of gravity in spacetime is not the same as particle/wave duality. It’s like waves in water when you drop a stone into it. The water is still made of molecules and atoms but it waves. That is what a gravity wave is. Lazar was saying gravity isn’t a particle only a wave which makes no sense. The quantum waves are not physical waves they are probability waves. The gravity waves we detected are literal waves in spacetime.
        all the other predictions and science was just popular sci-fi at the time and nonsense.

        He did not predict when they were testing craft. A fellow hoax man John Lear just backed him up on the story. There is no video of a ufo test. Just planes taking off.

        1. Ed

          Joel, great points. On the money about gravity etc. I noticed another “wait, what?” In Lazar’s story; He first said that he was walking by the hangar and the doors were open in all the hangars so he could see all the way though the row and every hangar had a different craft in it. When Joe’s asked him about the sizes of the crafts, he said he didn’t know because they were so far away. With the hangars, and the spaces between the hangars, it would be very easy to get a good idea of the size of each craft from a quick glance like that. Military hangars in a row would almost always be the same size and same configuration.

    2. Lulu

      I love listening to Stephen Greer.

    3. Lux lucis

      You are completely correct in thinking that because certain aliens are here to guide and help us if they were a threat with the technology they have they could have gotten rid of us a looooooong time ago different aliens have different agendas but the good ones are here to warn us about killing our planet also that nuclear bombs disrupt there gravity fields on therr ship that is why every single place that has stored these has been visited and shut down temporarily by these aliens basically saying if we want to we can very easily control your weapons of Mass destructio if you continue we will shut them down not as a threat but to protect our planet and there ships no other race blows there own planet up with nuclear energy we are the only morons that are killing our own planet for war and control and money and alot of different inter dimensional beings live inside the earth and oceans if we kill our planet it effects them and the galactic gaurdians are trying to save us as we have fallen so far from where we were technologically speaking we used to be able to use our entire brains we knew how to move huge objects with sound technology and our penial gland was not coated with calcium and our water supplies were not muddied with chemicals to make us forget how to use our minds and bodies and to make us forget who we are and where we came from I am a big Greer fan and have learned to contact ships right above my home it’s not hard and I can teach you if you are interested.

  3. Linda Buchanan

    When I was about 13 I had a UFO incident along with 2 sisters and 1 friend. The egg shaped craft came down over the top of us as we laid outside at night under the stars. It hovered still over us about 15 feet up. There was no noise and it was amazing to see this craft, it glowed almost golden, then it slowly moved forward a few feet, lifted up and disappeared. I don’t know if it became invisible or actually flew away at a speed we can’t explain. I am so glad for this experience and to know we are not alone. Hopefully these beings are compassionately watching over us.

    1. Jimmy

      Just curious to know…did the event scare you at all? I know many people report having close-up events like that but they claim feeling a sort of overwhelming sense of peace that prevents them from just freaking out and running as fast as they can. I’ve always wondered about that phenomenon. Like, is the feeling genuine, or could it possibly be the result of some technology used by “them” in order to keep the test subjects tranquil and in place? Know what I mean lol? In a separate reply that I made to another poster on here I mentioned a couple extremely weird and dramatic events that my ex-wife, my sister and myself were witness to some years back and I can tell you, in complete sincerity, we were absolutely freaked out and scared ****less. It was a very close-up type of encounter and whatever it was, we’ve all agreed it was probably no more than 30-50ft. or so from us at the closest point during the event. I believe that’s a pretty accurate guess. So, not quite as close as the object you described but still VERY close to us. One disturbing aspect of the craziness we were witness to that night was that it truly seemed to be intentionally trying to terrify us.

      Just by chance, about five years after this happened, I stumbled upon a group of several reports online describing exactly the same thing(s) that we encountered, in EXACTLY the same area and in the same close time-frame. The reports were listed on a website run by a guy named Kenny Young from Cincinnati Ohio. (I’m from Ohio, not far north of Cincinnati and our incident happened just outside my hometown in a rural area). Kenny Young actually made at least one guest appearance on Coast to Coast AM back in the late ’90s when Art Bell was still hosting. The episode was about the now-famous “Trumbull County Ohio UFO” event and Kenny was apparently the first person to break the story and bring it to the attention of the public. Very sadly, Kenny has since passed away. It seems he had quite a long battle with Leukemia and it unfortunately overtook him quite a few years back. Anyway, when I came across his website and found those reports I was floored. I emailed him through his site and was fortunate enough to have quite a few back and forth conversations with him over time afterwards. The other reports I found on his site described objects that were absolutely identical in appearance to the ones involved in our incident and eerily similar in their behavior. Every single one of the people who reported them said that they seemed to be intentionally horrifying, Behaving aggressively etc. One woman from Waynesville, a small town not far from me, reported that they seemed to follow her home as she was driving and then proceeded to hover very low and directly over her house for quite a while once she got home and just terrified the HECK out of her daughter. I’m pretty sure the police or Sheriff’s Dept. were called and the officer witnessed the things too. Another report was from an older couple who were driving home on State Route 42 in the same general area and they claimed one of the objects chased their car and almost ran them off the road. Scared them pretty badly.
      I’m definitely not trying to scare YOU with any of this lol. I’m just wondering how you remember feeling during your incident and what your opinion is about the sort of “overwhelming peace” a lot of witnesses report. I don’t think you specified whether or not you felt anything particular during the event. Thanks!

      1. Lorrie

        The ship myself and 3 friends saw was literally hovering one to two feet in front of my vw bug in Sandpoint idaho at Pinehurst cemetery.
        We were teenagers and we were terrified to the point we couldn’t move. I’ve never been so scared in my life.

  4. Adam Jaman

    back in August of this year I reported a ufo I saw on this website but I’m still feeling very unsatisfied because no one in my family really believes me. Anyways I live in Florida and I was running in the morning like I always do around 5:30 and I saw a big glowing arc shaped UFO and watched it move so fast that it disappeared from sight in a matter of seconds. it was so big and noticeable that I just feel really depressed when nobody was there to see it with me and nobody really cares about what I saw because they weren’t there.

    1. clara

      Don’t worry adam, you’re not alone in that feeling. a couple of days ago around 6:10 PM a triangular craft flew over me but only for like 10 seconds and I live next to a pretty busy street, so I’m standing on my side yard and I’m suddenly compelled to look up and then only 1-2 seconds later the UFO flys over. none of my friends or family believed me and I wondered why no one else could’ve seen it as well.

    2. Lorrie

      I saw a ship up close with 3 friends, alot of people won’t believe you, I’ve experienced that too even though i was with 3 friends. I was 16 years old whn i saw my ship, summer of 1976.
      Im 64 years old now, i still remember every detail of my encounter with my ship. I don’t care anymore who believes me. You know what you saw.

  5. David Austin

    Hi Folks,

    I saw a UFO back in the 70s in the sky as a bright light about 30° off the horizon for about 20-30 seconds fly parallel to the horizon for a time then take off to disappear into space as it performed impossible aerobatic maneuvering as if a teenager was having fun “driving”. At least that was my impression.

    That said, I am reading a very interesting book entitled Identified Flying Objects – A Multidisciplinary Scientific Approach to the UFO P henomenon by Dr. Michael P Masters. This book theorizes that UFOs are actually human visitors from the future traveling back in time to study us in the same way we would we study artifacts from ancient cultures on Earth. The book is very academically written and quite compelling.

  6. Anthony

    My live has changed I saw the hair clipper shaped space ship go into space right before my eyes its was as big as a aircraft carrier but in the air it leveled out and with power and unbelievable thrust went into space its sounded like someone bowling with a big bowling ball and it was gone from this planet it was a clear sky just a few clouds and it was no were to be the sky it to big to hide it went into space

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