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We have finally updated the NUFORC website with the posting of approximately 1,300 reports received since June 21st, 2022.  We apologize for the long delay in our updates, and hope to get back to a schedule of posting new reports at least once per week. The full list of new reports can be accessed here.


In a word, NUFORC is being flooded…deluged might be a better description…with e-mailed messages, far more than the sole person at the NUFORC headquarters can respond to.  We ask that everyone limit themselves to only important messages, and please keep them short, and to the point.  Depending on our workload, we may not be able to respond to your e-mail for several days, following its receipt here at NUFORC headquarters.


Prank calls to the UFO Hotline, usually placed by young people and young adults, continue to be a major inconvenience at NUFORC.  On a typical day, between 20% and 80% of all incoming calls are hoaxes, and we make a request here that people not use our Hotline for their amusement, or for recreational purposes.  All of these prank calls are paralyzing our ability to provide what we consider to be a very valuable service to the public! 


While we have weeded out a lot of misidentifications of Starlink Satellites, balloons, etc, from the new batch of reports, we have left some in to demonstrate what people continue to see and misunderstand. We ask that anyone who is seeing a string of lights or lighted bar in the evening sky carefully compare it o the myriad images of Starlink available on the web, before submitting a report.


Our webmaster will be traveling for the next ten days, so our next update will not be before September 22nd.


We provide below links to what we consider to be the most interesting and/or credible reports that we have received over the last ten weeks:

9/6/22White high-speed tik-tak seen in night sky.
8/29/22Outside we saw a black cigar shaped ufo with 2 white lights, one on each end.
8/19/22Low floating 1/4 block long rectangular white light moving object
8/19/22Red and white light disk shaped
8/18/22First 2 then 5 total UAP well above FL470
8/16/22We seen up to 7 oval lights in the sky
8/16/2212 lights all flashing on and off red and green in a grid shape
8/16/22For the last week we have seen approx 10 crafts some flying 3 in a line all different separate crafts they will fly over then hover
8/7/22I took my dog outside to the backyard one last time before bed, blue light about size of basketball circling my house
8/7/22Temporary Light illuminated SW sky – 4 point of light rays
8/6/22Sighting heading northwest from San Juan to Tampa 8/6/22
8/6/22Glimpse of thirty-foot diameter orb that can only be described as an “orb of dark red fire”
8/5/22Bright green sphere seen before flying into clouds.
8/2/22UAP no contrail or visible propulsion playing with commercial aircraft
7/29/223 linear lights approx. 600′ across 100′-300′ off the ground
7/27/22Saw a large triangular black silhouette moving very slowly (maybe 5 mph) approx 500-800ft in air completely silent one solid red light.
7/26/22HUGE unkn aircraft passed/glided directly overtop our vehicle. Moved slow /made NO sound until right overtop – unkn engine noise
7/23/22This thing was maybe a few hundred feet above me and making absolutely no noise what so ever.
7/22/22Huge cylinder floated across the sky, lit up and then disappeared
7/22/22Flying saucer/UFO, Light blue neon lights, Very clear view, seemed to be 1 living ET in spacecraft, after about 4 Minutes, it was gone.
7/22/224 US air force personnel seen cigar shaped object
7/21/22It was too big to be going that slow and low in the sky. I stood at the window’ do not remember seeing it pass over house?
7/9/22Bright white or silvery round shape traveling erratically then flying straight down before vanishing
7/9/22Triangle shape in the sky. The sun hit its surface which caused a flash as looked metallic.
7/4/22Silver sphere, with VERY BRIGHT pair of articulated light sources on the bottom, accelerated laterally and VANISHED, then reappeared
7/2/22Large disc slowly passing over courtyard and parking area of my apartment home at Wasatch Club apartments
7/2/22Was a disk shape with a blue ring on the center with a metal gray looking color around the rest
6/27/22Illuminated object appeared and streaked across sky
6/26/22Pilot observed two spherical shaped objects flying in formation below aircraft
6/24/22While shooting time-lapse Astrophotography I saw an extremely bright Orange to Red changing light moving East to West at +20 degrees.
6/8/22Silver stainless steel cigar shape, no engine or navigation, clearly visible, 500 yard up, watch leave orbit with bright star burst
3/27/22Disk with flashing lights, figure at treeline with glowing eyes
3/22/22Bright, spherical light observed in person and short video recording
3/20/22Deep red and yellow with multiple tails behind
1/24/22Unknown vehicle Hovering over tree front west back east bottom cover with led lights two strobe north and south of wingspan
1/19/22Viewed UAP from my back yard
11/23/21Squadron of 12 triangular objects flying in linear formation
9/13/21Huge sphere like 10 meters in diameter with six symmetrical cone like spikes.
7/11/21various pictures taken with stealth cam showing one object breaking into two objects sending light beams to the ground then going back
6/15/21Doing some work outside when I noticed odd aircraft.
3/9/21MADAR Node 129 (spikes found in data).
3/9/21Bright cylinder, rectangle observed above roof. Sensed by service dog, camera and madar.
1/21/21I was attacked by orbs and then chased by them in my car, I had my brother on one phone and recorded the incident on another during it.
12/18/20Triangle, 40 to 50 feet long, dark grey, a point of light on each corner, 3 very bright lights clustered on bottom middle, each about 4
9/27/19lighted disk hovering about 200ft up in the air about 100ft ahead of me and immediately flew backward and upward at an angle
4/16/18Low V shapped craft at about 1000 to 2000 ft. passed low and fast. Roughly 7 or 8 puck type dull lights underneath
2/20/18Looked kinda like a Drone how it flew close to me and hovered, no noise, red light
1/17/18A wheel like structure along with numerous white craft in the sky at night.
12/15/17broad daylight, about 20 feet above highway 89 S, white colored oval shaped craft from right side to left side, going slow, no wings.
8/15/16One red sphere/globe being traced by two fighter jets
1/1/16Small craft traveling low and slow with clear dome emitting orange and red light
8/15/15Sizable fireball that looked like the sun that did not illuminate the sky stood in place behind a tree line for 20+ minutes.
8/11/12We saw at least a dozen white spheres darting back and forth and between each other at very high speed for more than 45 minutes
6/10/12A very large, glowing, constantly changing iridescent oval-like shape came in from the water
5/17/11Typical grey metallic saucer shape with 3 lights white and red round the middle/body
4/8/09HUGE Triangle, No Lights, No Sound, Lumbering along at 5 to 7 thousand feet on a steady course.
9/17/08I saw 2 orange balls of light traveling very fast that made a 90 degree turn down and went into Lake Erie.
1/5/08Playing with my siblings, and heard a humming engine with blinking red, and yellow lights. Did not look, or sound like a plane.
5/7/07A Friend and i were traveling by car on the 15 freeway to San Diego Ca. and saw spheres breaking apart and coming back together again
10/12/05It crossed the highway, about 500 ft in front of us. Light bluish white, oblong craft. NOT plane or copter. Was heading NW?
7/15/98I almost crashed my car into a ufo when it was parked on the ground blocking my passage on the road.
1/6/97Four amber lights suddenly appeared on a horizontal plane as approached the Phoenix metro area. I was driving on I-10 from Nogales.I
7/9/96Three orange balls in triangle formation. Fourth orange ball North at a distance. It joined the other three. Then departed.
7/15/94Massive black triangle – spotlight on each corner – moving very slow at treetop height
9/20/90Large dark triangle shaped completely silent hovering almost directly overhead.
7/3/85A brownish copper metallic saucer the size of a football field seen. Frankfort NY on hill.
10/19/83Aircraft’s X Band weather detected a large stationary airborne object. FAA airtraffic radar did not detect the object.
7/13/83Enormous Ship passed over silently, filling entire field of vision & remember Nothing of what happened Immediate after, Until yrs later
11/15/80Object had three white lights at each corner forming a triangle, estimated to be 1/2 degree separated
6/1/79It had 6 coloured bulbs 1 white in the centre surrounded by 5 coloured bulbs , it hovered rotated tilted then zoomed away to a higher h
2/1/79Vibrating Pulsating White Globe traveled above the Lake
2/25/78100′ dia metalic craft hovered 50 feet overhead for 30 min, rotating colored lights on bottom
6/10/77It hovered above us several thousand feet maybe-metallic appearance about 30′ wide and disk shaped
9/1/75A large disk craft hovered over 635, then instantly shot off to the south, hovered as a white light on the horizon, then disappeared
7/12/72Three disk like objects over Camels Hump in Huntington Vermont in summer of 1972
7/14/65Midsummer, sitting outside a small apartment with another adult and several children suddenly began to hear low humming sound above us.
8/13/63Two rows of lights in a staggered formation traveling east to west at a high altitude and velocity.

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  1. Kim Parks

    Glad to see and read the updates.Many interesting sightings as always.The future weekly updates will be nice,but even monthly will be good too if your too busy.
    Thanks for all your hard work and dedication over the years to this subject,NUFORC.
    And Peter Davenport for sure.

  2. Steve

    Hi Peter….I was going to reply to the post, but it required me to give my email address, which probably generated another email to your huge stack. Sorry. But had you thought about not making that a requirement to interact with other members of the NUFORC community? Maybe its time you start allowing advertisements or monetize with a paywall for additional content for members only. I think this would give you a budget to hire more team members. This site has so much potential for building a community around your website, especially linking imaging and video and allowing more interaction and discussion.

  3. oliver

    I’m on your site for the first time, thanks for this service.
    but seriously, the picture on the main page looks like Hollywood. Please change that, a little more sobriety in your presentation would be better as for me and many others the sightings and experiences are real and have a serious note. Thanks!

  4. richard

    love reading all these happenings not stories ,we see quite a lot here in little old newzealand ,since i have told some of our locals what i saw ,a couple of them have visited my place and talked about what they saw , IT JUST TAKES ONE TO START IT OFF now all of these sightings are going public ,,and i still see objects near our farm ,i just want to know whats flying them now., glad i found this site ,and have shown it to some kiwis who are interested in the skys up above, cheers and enjoy life

  5. Rebecca Lowe

    I have not been on this site in a couple years. It used to be you could look at the most current report, and see which City & State was reporting a siting. I don’t see that anymore.

    1. Christian Stepien

      Hi Rebecca, The indexes available on our Data Bank page show the City and State for every report.

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